Stick to Your Guns – “True View”

Album Reviews | Nov 8th, 2017

Stick to Your Guns ‘True View’
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Record Label: Pure Noise Records
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
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Stick to Your Guns returns with the follow up to the Better Ash Than Dust EP with this new full length True View. The band lineup is stronger than ever and this album plays more like a super group proving why they are at the top of their game right now. Featuring members of bands like Walls of Jericho, Evergreen Terrace and more this album goes even deeper into including a little bit from everything these guys have done in the past. All the while respecting the craft of an album, creating a complete front to back experience that goes beyond the typical clichéd hardcore tropes that have imprisoned some bands sound to mediocrity for years.

After the opening intro “3 Feet from Peace” gives you a good warm up for what’s to come, it shoots right into “The Sun, the Moon, the Truth: Penance of Self” which features a distant post hardcore like clean chorus ending in a pummeling chug laden breakdown. The action keeps going with the groove based riffing in “Married to the Noise.” The next song “Delinelle” reminds me a bit of the song “Amber” from the early days, has a nice flow of clean vocals while still reminding you of the aggression that got them here. “Cave Canem” ends with yet another crushing breakdown.

It’s not all breakdowns and with clean sung chorus’ thrown in every other song. The band takes a bold move with “56” and “The Reach for Me: Forgiveness of Self” going all in with more of a rock/post hardcore feel throughout both songs. This to me is a wise idea and brings in a great deal of levity and depth to the album. In fact, “The Reach for Me: Forgiveness of Self” is one of the strongest songs on the album, not to mention a great way to close it out leaving you wanting more.

Bottom Line: while the band have experimented before, this album is starting to put them on path with where I felt Evergreen Terrace was heading, releasing better and better albums. Of course Josh is here, not that that hurts, but I’m very excited to see what’s next.

Notable Tracks: Married to the Noise, The Sun, the Moon, the Truth: “Penance of Self”, The Reach for Me: “Forgiveness of Self”, The Better Days Before Me
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