The Bakesys – “Sentences I’d Like To Hear the End Of”

Album Reviews | Jul 8th, 2021

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Record Label: Do The Dog Music
Genre: Ska/Dancehall
Band Link: The Bakesys on Facebook
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UK ska legends the Bakesys are back with their third full length album once again on Do The Dog Music. This time they’re bring some 80s synth pop to their ska and dub as well as lyrics that dive into 1960s Cold War apprehension.

“Sentences I’d Like To Hear the End Of” is an interesting mix of ska, dub, dancehall, synth pop and drum loops…almost to the point of sounding like what would come out of the Gorillaz if they were a ska band. From the self-titled opening track to the last couple of dub tracks on the album, you won’t find much two tone or third wave influence but you will find some driving beats, catchy spoken word and dancehall style vocals and classic 70s and 80s reggae stylings.

I think it’s a fun and interesting take on traveling back to the 1960s with songs about the moon landing, Muhammed Ali, Fidel Castro, Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fear of nuclear war. “Get Your Moon Boots On” is a catchy dub track about moonstomping in space with Neil Armstrong, “So Bring Your Fists of Fury” is a skankable tale about the greatness of the best boxer in the world and “We Don’t Need Another Oswald” is a dub reggae number that mixes in audio clips of the news of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. This is a unique take on songwriting and mixing that complements the ska/reggae/synth-dub sound of this album.

It’s easy to say that “Sentences I’d Like To Hear the End Of” is a major step forward for the Bakesys with a strong sound steeped in ska, reggae and dub that isn’t quite a concept album but an album that focuses on some of the most important events in mankind’s history from a decade that is somewhat forgotten 60 years later. This is definitely one of the best Bakesys albums overall and one of the most interesting releases of 2021.

Bottom Line: Mixing in dub, hip-hop, sythpop and reggae into their already danceable ska arsenal, this release has the Bakesys shooting for the moon.
Notable Tracks: Atomic Invasion, 638 Ways They Tried, So Bring Your Fists of Fury, Get Your Moon Boots On
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