The End – “From the Unforgiving Arms of God” EP

Album Reviews | Nov 19th, 2017

From the Unforgiving Arms of God
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Record Label: Good Fight Entertainment
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
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When I was first introduced to hardcore in the 90s, I was bombarded to vast array of different styles and avenues. Whether it be more traditional based hardcore like Agnostic Front, or the metallic feels of Earth Crisis, or the taste of death metal applied to Hatebreed, to the up tempo sound of Snapcase. It was clear there was many different ways within this single branded genre. Over the years, styles morphed including what was the original metalcore boom of the late 90s, flowing to a more technical side. It’s no secret with bands like Code Orange getting much deserved spotlight that a newer more darker influenced sound has taken prominence in hardcore in hardcore today, and this new band END are a great example.

Featuring Greg Thomas who used to be in Misery Signals, and Will Putney of Fit For an Autopsy fame, this EP darkened hardcore unleashes an unrelenting blend of punishment with great production. I’d have to say out of the lot of this darkened hardcore I’ve heard recently, this has to be the best sonically crushing distorted mix. It’s pretty clear that having Will and Greg involved was definitely a huge advantage. The EP opens up with the abrasive “Chewing Glass”, keeping the pace up into “Usurper” which can box even rounds with the best of Converge. The fast paced riffing of “Love Let Me Die” with little bits of technical fills is an awesome fast listen. “From the Unforgiving Arms of God” takes you back a bit with a fast technical delivery that’s sure to make a Botch or Drowningman fan happy. “Necessary Death” builds to a huge ending breakdown leading into the album’s closer “Survived by Nothing” that finished the aural assault job the EP started with a crushing outro.

Bottom Line: This EP delivers a huge amount of stuff in such a small amount of material. Can’t wait to hear more from this outfit.
Notable Tracks: Usurper, Necessary Death, Survived by Nothing
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