The Generators – “Last of the Pariahs”

Album Reviews | Oct 1st, 2011

Record Label: DC Jam Records
Genre: Punk Rock
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The Generators are perhaps one of the most underrated punk rock bands in the scene right now. Last of the Pariah is their 8th full-length release and their first on DC Jam Records. If you’re looking for music that’s similar to Face To Face, Bad Religion and Social Distortion, then look no further!

I’ve been a fan of the Generators since their very first album in 1997. I even like Schleprock, the band that some of the members came from. The band has grown musically since then and aren’t afraid to not sound “punk” every song. A good example of that is on tracks “3am” and “Lost in the Valley”. My favorite or most notable tracks are listed below but out of that group, I think “Condition Red” and “Chains of Darkness” are the best tracks on the album. Those tracks just feel like something the Generators would do. Old school style Cali punk rock! The album is consistent and I didn’t feel like skipping any tracks.

I’ll admit that I don’t listen to the band all the time, but when I do, I ask myself why I don’t I don’t listen all the time? For people that never heard of the Generators before, do yourself a favor and pick up their earlier release first like “Excess, Betrayal…And Our Dearly Departed” and “The Winter of Discontent.” Then after that, get this one because this release is just as good as those!

Bottom Line: Yet another strong release from the Generators!
Notable Tracks: You Against You, Tears of Repentance, Condition Red, Chains of Darkness
Overall Rating:


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