The Saw Doctors – “The Further Adventures of…”

Album Reviews | Oct 31st, 2010

Saw Doctors Further Adventures Of... Cd Review

Record Label: Shamtown Records
Genre: Rock
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The Irish rock band The Saw Doctors from Tuam are back with a brand new release “The Further Adventures Of…‘ that will make their fans go gaga. No, not THAT GaGa. If you were disappointed with their last full-length studio album The Cure, then you should be happy that this album blows that one out of the water!

Just like Bruce Springsteen (who they are usually compared to), these guys have matured their sound over the years. In their earlier releases, they seemed more Irish/Celtic sounding and now they have expanded to a general rock sound; which I’m fine with. It must have been a few years that Saw Doctors have been writing and recording this album; I think all the hard work has paid off.

“Takin’ The Train” is the band’s first single and without a doubt it’s the best track the band has written in a long time. That’s not to say the rest of the album is something to scuff about. Each track I love! The fast songs, the slow songs, all of it. The thing I noticed throughout the album is the top notch guitar playing from Davy and Leo. Davy’s singing sounds just as good as it does on any Saw Doctors album. I particularly like when he sings the slower stuff for some reason. “Friday Town” and “Someone Loves You” are excellent, as well as “Indian Summer” and “Hazard.” “Well Byes” is a bit comical, especially when you see the video the group shot for it. The album sort of trails off at the end. I have to listen to those songs more, and I’ll probably appreciate them more then. But overall, this album is fantastic and leaps and bounds better than The Cure! The Cure has a few songs that I liked but I think this album as a whole is better.

Bottom Line: Fantastic follow-up to The Cure
Notable Tracks: Takin’ The Train, Friday Town, Indian Summer, Well Byes, Be Yourself
Overall Rating:


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