The Simmertones – “Everything’s Comin’ Up” EP

Album Reviews | Oct 1st, 2011

Record Label: Self-released
Genre: Ska
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The Simmertones previously released a 7 track EP, which we reviewed here. Now they are back for some more bouncy ska goodness with a 4 track EP.

The Simmertones has a similar sound to Ruder Than You, but I think they sound a lot better. That’s no offense to Ruder Than You by the way, just feel The Simmertones are producing some quality stuff! The EP is split with two covers and two originals. The first track is by the Simmertones and it’s called “Bring Your Love To Me.” It’s a great song and I’d imagine it’s an even better song to dance to. The next track is a cover of the rocksteady classic “Blam Blam Fever” by the Valentines. The highlight for me was hearing the cover of Desmond Dekker’s “King of Ska.” It would it make Dekker proud! To end the short EP is an original track “A Little Time,” which slows things down a tad to rocksteady speed. The vocals are good, the horns are perfect, and everyone else involved has created another awesome album.

But guys, when I said I wanted to hear more stuff in my other review, only 4 songs isn’t what I had in mind! We want more dammit! How about a full-length album next time; filled with covers and original tunes?

Bottom Line: The Simmertones need to release a full-length album!
Notable Tracks: Bring Your Love To Me, Blam Blam Fever, King of Ska
Overall Rating:


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