The Tips – “Twists’N’Turns”

Album Reviews | Jan 18th, 2016

Record Label: Long Beach Records
Genre: Reggae Rock
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When you think of reggae rock or punk-influenced reggae, usually Germany isn’t one of the first places that comes to mind. Well the Tips are a three-piece reggae rock band hailing from Dusseldorf, Germany. “Twists’N’Turns” is the third album from the German trio.

When it comes to reggae rock and its predominantly American musicians the sound can be hit or miss most of the time. Sometimes you’ll get mostly generic pop rock with a touch of reggae mixed in or sometimes you’ll get more reggae than rock and the album should just be categorized as reggae in the first place. Unfortunately for “Twists’N’Turns” there is more of the former.

While there are some stand out tracks like the heavy punk sounds of “Johnny’s Song” and 311-inspired metal reggae of “Do It Right”, most of the other songs on the album have been heard before. I give credit to the Tips for breaking down the reggae and punk rock walls in Dusseldorf, but here in the USA reggae rock bands are a dime a dozen and most of them sound exactly like what’s found on “Twists’N’Turns”.

Bottom Line: Reggae rock from Germany that sounds exactly like reggae rock from anywhere else in the world.
Notable Tracks: Johnny’s Song, Do It Right, Back In The Days
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