The Offenders – “X”

Album Reviews | Oct 19th, 2015

Record Label: Bomber Music
Genre: Ska/Punk/Reggae
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“X” marks the 6th studio album for the Berlin-based band and it also marks the celebration of the bands ten year run to date.

I randomly stumbled upon the Offenders while on a search for some new ska punk music. Their album “Lucky Enough To Live” was and still is, one of my favorite recent discoveries. Since then I’ve been following the band with their releases and I have yet to be disappointed.

Only a year since the release of their last album “Generation Nowhere”, the Offenders don’t seem to be slowing down and have no shortage of great songs. “X” finds the band carrying on the streak of really good albums. I love that the band takes inspiration from every era of ska music and can effortlessly bounce back and forth throughout the album. Traditional to punk influenced ska, reggae to two tone, The Offenders manage to keep things structured which in turn keeps your feet moving.

The Offenders aren’t just here to talk about ex-girlfriends and hanging out at summer camp. They touch on subject matters ranging from the harsh life of a decaying suburb (“Harsh Reality”), never fitting in (“Society”) and kids fighting against the reign of the World War II era Nazi party by dancing to forbidden “black” music (“St. Pauli Swing Jugend”).

I’ll continue to heap praise and support upon the Offenders. They have yet to disappoint me with their self-coined “Hooligan Reggae” and they carry the international ska torch proudly. “X” is yet another fun, rowdy, skankable album with catchy tunes, intelligent lyrics and a sense of purpose. I could easily get used to yearly releases by these fellas.

Bottom Line: Hooligan reggae, well-informed ska…whatever you try to label it, it’s a great mix of two tone, punk, ska punk, rocksteady and reggae.
Notable Tracks: Cheap Girl, St. Pauli Swing Jugend, Society, 2-Tone Time, Screwed Up
Overall Rating:


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