Various Artists – “From Punk To Ska 3”

Album Reviews | May 6th, 2006

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From Punk To Ska Volume 1 & 2 featured nothing but the best in German bands. Now in the third series of this compilation features bands from all over the world! I haven’t heard the first two releases but I’m sure they were just as good as this one. Volume 3 is 2 discs and has many, many bands on here. 54 to be exact…I heard of a bunch of these ska bands before but there is still a lot of bands I have yet to hear music from. Its always nice to hear some new ska & punk bands to get into. Some of the bands featured on From Punk Ska To Ska 3: The Busters, Nicotine, Against All Authority, Skunk All Stars, Suicide Machines, Planet Smashers, Potshot, Too Many Crooks and plenty more!

There are many sub-genre’s of ska on here. Ranging from 2 tone ska, punk ska, traditional ska, metal ska, Spanish ska; this compilation has it all. As I was listening to the first disc, Sub City Dwellers stood out because they sound so similar to Rancid. Not sure what happened to the Busters but they totally sound different now. It was like a rock song and not really ska. I like their couch potatoes days the best. The Skunk All-Stars were fun, and I found out about that band through MySpace. I guess that website is useful besides picking up 16 year old girls. Or so I heard….But anyway, the rest of the first disc was hit or miss with me. Bands that stood out from the crappier ones were Distemper, Beat Busters, Against All Authority, Carry All and Frau Doktor. Frau Doktor do an interesting cover of the Dead Kennedy’s “Too Drunk To Fuck.” I never thought I’d hear a ska punk cover of that song!

The second disc starts out with the Skatoons “Alle Lieben Ska” and after that is a punkier tune from Target Point. As I was listening to the 2nd disc, I think the first band that made me turn the speakers louder was for Los Calzones from Argentina. I think the Spanish speaking bands on both discs sounded really good. Maybe i’m just in a Spanish music mood lately? I’m glad to see the Planet Smashers on here because they are one of my favorite ska groups, and they deserve to represent Canada in this compilation. I don’t like their new album as much as “Mighty” but I don’t think you can top that CD. Other bands that stood out on the second disc were Smooth Lee, Benuts, Potshot, Too Many Crooks, and Palookas. There’s a band called the Penetraitors on there and I find that funny because I was part of this shitty ska band in high school called that. Well minus the “I,” and we won some talent show at school (well because we rigged the voting). I didn’t play anything but just danced like a schmuck. I try to erase that memory from my head but things make me think of it again. ANYWAY, I liked the second disc a lot more than the first disc. I found some new bands i’m gonna look into getting some music from and seeing how they sound on full albums. Sometimes hearing one song from a band is deceiving. If you want to listen to some new ska from all over the world, then look into getting From Punk to Ska 3!

Bottom Line: A Decent ska compilation featuring bands all over the world!
Notable Tracks: I like tracks from: Sub City Dwellers, Skunk All-Stars, Distemper, Beat Busters, Frau Doktor, Chencha Berinches, Planet Smashers, Potshot, Too Many Crooks and Suicide Machines
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