Victor Rice – “Smoke”

Album Reviews | Nov 13th, 2017

Vic Rice - Smoke
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Record Label: Easy Star Records
Genre: Rocksteady / Samba
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Producer, engineer, dubbist, and bass man Victor Rice’s third solo effort Smoke is fantastic. Commonly associated with such music genres as ska, reggae, and dub as well as with acts such as The Scofflaws and The Stubborn All-Stars, Rice returns with a noticeably progressive and mature body of work from that of his last full length record in a decade and a half.

You’ll find heart and soul as well as an interesting blend of two distinct music genres, samba rock and rocksteady. The record plays like a tale of two cities, Rice’s city of origin New York and San Paulo, Brazil which has become his home for nearly 15 years. Smoke is a methodical and well calculated foray into a diverse mix of musical influences and approaches. What you are left with is an extremely well put together series of compositions that dictate any multitude of emotions and thoughts by way of beautiful rhythm and harmony. All of which is measured, balanced, and executed in all the right doses by your resident chemist, Victor Rice.

Bottom Line: Where there is Smoke, there is fire. Music appreciators of the instrumental, sit back and relax.
Notable Tracks: Lou, Turn, Motion City I, Fumaca, Party Line, The Dream, Motion City II
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