Young, Planetary – “I Am The Night and You’re The Sunrise”

Album Reviews | Jun 30th, 2017

Young, Planetary - I Am The Night And You're The Sunrise
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Record Label: Hidden Home Records
Genre: Post Hardcore, Emo, Rock
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It’s been a while since I’ve heard some good post hardcore stuff. Not a lot of it comes up my radar, but Young, Planetary came up and I figured I’d give it a shot. The band hails from Boise, ID and cites bands like Thrice, Tigers Jaw and Cave In as influences. While I don’t hear much of that, this is a new band but it’s got the spirit and sound of early 2000’s post hardcore of bands like Open Hand, Hopesfall, Prevent Falls, Circa Survive, early Coheed and Cambria and others.

The 4 song EP opens with Helmet-like feel of post hardcore in the song “Undone.” This mix is a little raw and rough throughout. The drums and guitars could’ve used a bit more balancing in the mix, but the honest approach is much appreciated and adds to the emotional realness. The best song on this is the second track, the almost Open Hand-like sounding “Spiderwebs,” complete with tons of juicy SUS chords. “Daybreak” comes in a little faster and harder hitting while closing out with a sweet track like “Teeth Fall Out.” The EP’s got a good feel and serves as a great introduction to the band.

Bottom Line: Young, Planetary sounds like a band that’s hungry and wants it, and the kind of band I’d like to hear more of in the future.
Notable Tracks: Spiderwebs, Daybreak
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