David Byrne: Ride, Rise, Roar

Blu-Ray Reviews | Jul 8th, 2011

Starring: David Byrne
Directed By: David Curtis
Studio: Eagle Rock
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Have you ever wanted to see David Byrne perform with modern, interpretive dancers? Well now you can with Ride Rise Roar, a concert film & documentary from David Byrne and director David Curtis.

Ride, Rise, Roar was shot with multiple cameras over several concerts in 2008/2009 from David Byrne’s tour. It takes you back stage as well seeing full length songs including such classics like “Once in a Lifetime,” “Road to Nowhere,” “Burning Down the House,” “Life During Wartime” and more! Some of the songs are cut between live footage, rehearsals and behind the scenes stuff. You see how in-depth the dance routines are, and just how much they had to practice to get the performances right. I’d imagine it’s tough matching the dancing and the songs together but the dancers do a good job with it. It makes the concert experience definitely an unique one.

I don’t know all of The Talking Heads material or David Byrne’s solo stuff, but the songs I did know definitely stood out. That’s not to say the other songs weren’t good, they were. I’m a Talking Heads fan but just usually listen to the popular stuff. Funny story about David Byrne, I saw him at the Middletown, NY galleria mall like 10 years ago at the movie theater. He was with his kids(?) but I didn’t recognize him at first. All I saw was this tall guy with a noticeable suit on with black/white wingtips. I said to myself, who’s this wacko wearing this to a movie? Oh crap, it’s David Byrne from the Talking Heads! Not sure what movie he was seeing, could have been A Perfect Storm or something.

But anyway, I’m not sure everyone will enjoy Ride, Rise, Roar since it’s not a full blown concert Blu-Ray, but a documentary. It’s both really; and I’m fine with that. You get a lot of the songs you would see in a concert, but you find out about all the doings behind the scenes as well. the film was shot beautifully and the quality really shows on Blu-Ray. I recommend seeing this if you like David Byrne and the Talking Heads.

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Widescreen 2.10:1 Color

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ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

Bottom Line: Excellent Blu-Ray documentary/concert film featuring David Byrne and modern dancers
Running Time: 87 mins
Rating: NR
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