Never Get Out Of The Van: The Story Of Mustard Plug

DVD Reviews | Feb 2nd, 2009

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Starring: Mustard Plug
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Directed By: Benjamin Isbell
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Mustard Plug were one of the first ska bands I got into when I discovered ska back in the 90s. Their song Too Stoopid was on the compilation on Ska: The Third Wave and after that, I was immediately hooked. Now the band is going on 17 years of existence and they show no signs of slowing down. The band decided to release a DVD documentary about all things Mustard Plug. Any Mustard Plug fan should get their hands on this.

The DVD is an 84 minute documentary that covers how the band got its start, how much beer the band drinks, how many band members have come and gone, behind the scenes footage of them shooting videos and recording their music and so much other wacky crap. The narrative is done through interviews, mostly with Dave and Colin. The other band members (past and present) give their take on things as well. You see lots of behind the scenes footage from shows, and other wacky things that the band caught on film. It seems like they were always filming things, which is good if you ever wanted to make a DVD like this.

Mixed in with the interviews, is full music videos of such great songs like Mr Smiley, Everything Girl You and Over The Edge. It’s funny how bad the music videos were in the beginning and how nicely done they are now. Just goes to show you how far the band has come. If you just want to watch the music videos, you can watch all of them in the extras section. I remember seeing music videos for You and Everything Girl on 120 Minutes and MTV, and Over the Edge on MySpace but the other videos were new to me. Other things included in the extras section is live footage, which some of them looked really good. I almost wish the band released a full concert and had the documentary has the added bonus. But we can’t get everything can we?

If you ever picked up a Mustard Plug album or seen them live, you will appreciate this documentary DVD. I enjoyed this doc a lot and loved seeing the live footage and music videos mixed into the documentary as well. After seeing this, I put on a few of their albums. I just come to realize how much I really like these guys and hope to see them playing for another 17 years. Mustard Plug in wheelchairs, now that would be a sight!

To buy the DVD, please visit or you can buy it here at Interpunk:

Music videos for:
“Mr. Smiley”
“Everything Girl”
“Over the Edge”
“Hit Me, Hit Me”

Live Footage of the songs:
Brain on Ska (Los Angeles 1994)
Mr. Smiley (Promo, UT 1994)
Mendoza (Hollywood 1996)
Box (Japan 1998)
You (Grand Rapids 2002)
Someday Right Now (Cleveland 2004)
Not Enough (Detroit 2004)
Life is Too Short (Chicago 2006)
Time to Wake Up (Chicago 2006)

Favorites: Everything Girl, You, Over The Edge videos
Rating: NR
Running Time: 84 minutes
Extras Rating:
Overall Rating:


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