AFI @ The Bamboozle Festival, Giants Stadium, NJ

Live Reviews | May 17th, 2006

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Date: May 6th 2006
Venue: The Bamboozle Festival, Giants Stadium, NJ

AFI has been gradually progressing away from their initial punk sound into something completely different from where they started. The departure from their original sound has also coincided with variations on their image, and winning over a whole new population of fans. After not playing the New York area since 2003, AFI was one of Saturday’s headliners at The Bamboozle in New Jersey. With their set the last of the evening before Taking Back Sunday closed out the show, AFI dazzled the fervent crowd with their much anticipated performance.

The crowd went crazy for favorites from the last album like “Silver and Cold”, “The Leaving Song Part 2”, “Girls Not Grey” and completely blew up for AFI’s latest single “Miss Murder” to be released on their full length album 06.06.06. The video is in heavy rotation on the Fuse network and if crowd reaction is any indication, it is clearly already an obvious favorite. Although it was to be expected, AFI neglected to play anything really old from their Very Proud of Ya and Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes days. The set was strong regardless and the crowd was absolutely insane with crowd surfing and sing-alongs. Davey even climbed on top of and into the crowd at one point, and mayhem ensued. The band puts on such an energetic and involved set, it is obvious that they really put their hearts into every show.

Although AFI’s band image is completely different than it used to be, especially Davey Havok with his hair cut, sparkling eye lids and painted nails; the core of the band is still essentially the same. They still rock hard,but just rock differently than they used to. AFI is more of a crowd pleaser now than the fast, aggressive punk band that they used to be, but their satisfied fans will tell you they’re doing the right thing, even with all the added glitz and glamour. AFI will be playing this years Warped Tour in select cities, they are also headed out to promote their new album due out 06.06.06, some things never change.


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