Blink 182 @ Buffalo, NY

Live Reviews | Jun 6th, 2000

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Opening Bands: Bad Religion, Fenix TX
Date: June 6th 2000
Venue: Buffalo, NY

First of all if you are thinking of going to a concert at Darien Lake, don’t. Why?

Well, first of all the band(s) you are about to see are/ have sold out. Second, parking and traffic sucks really bad. Anyway, Fenix TX didn’t impress me all that much. They played uninspired pop-punk and gave a pretty lame live performance. They are pretty much punk rock’s version of the Backstreet Boys (in it for the chicks and $$). Well, that’s pretty much the impression I got of them.Next up was Bad Religion. These guys have 12 albums and twenty-five years under their belts and they’re opening for Blink-182. That’s interesting. Anyway, they played a really good set. I think it could have been way better in a different environment. The TRL crowd that was there didn’t seem to appreciate what they were experiencing.

Also, the set list seemed kinda tailored to the crowd instead of playing what they wanted to. They didn’t even close with “Fuck Armageddon…” Oh well. Blink actually put on a decent show. It was kinda cool cuz they had this drive in movie theme going on. They had some cars on stage and this big screen behind the drummer. They used the screen to show stock footage and old movies. They also used it to show “dreamy” shots of Travis, Tom and Mark. They played mostly stuff from the new album: Dumpweed, Adam’s Song, Aliens Exist…I was kinda pissed cuz they played like one song from Cheshire Cat, Carousel. They also played only a handful from Dude Ranch. I think Blink will be way better to see in a few years when MTV is done with them, but then all the little girls won’t be going either… oh well


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