The Bouncing Souls @ Electric Factory, Philly, PA

Live Reviews | Sep 20th, 2003

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Opening Bands: The Casualties, The Arsons
Date: September 20th, 2003
Venue: Electric Factory, Philly

Hi, this past Saturday(9/20) I went down to the Electric Factory in Philly to see the bouncing souls and the casualties. Of course I get there early, because all shows at electric factory start at 8 or 9, so its hard to be late, so I have to see all the bands.

The first band was the Arsons, and they were good, pittable music, not the best band ever. Then I saw Strike Anywhere, very good band, I recommend checking these guys out, well, if your into any style of music. Then came on My Chemical Romance, man did they suck, shitty guitars, shitty singers, I ended up asleep in the corner through most of their set, while trying not to blow my eardrums from the guys incessant girly voice.

Then came the casualties, who were FREAKING AWESOME! they put on a great live show, and they sound shittier on Cd than live, anytime the casualties come near, go see them, if you like Oi or Street Punk music. Then came on the bouncing souls, who musically, were fucking awesome. But they just didn’t put out any energy, and between sets they constantly plugged their new DVD. These guys, live anyway, are dead, they’re the bouncing souls, they should at least bounce, instead of being robots, but musically, were great, if you have never seen these guys perform live, get out there and do it, because I’m sure they wont be rocking for much longer.


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