Crouching Fish Hidden Finger Tour Featuring Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger @ The Electric Factory, Philly, PA

Live Reviews | Jul 13th, 2001

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Opening Bands: Zebrahead
Date: July 13th, 2001
Venue: Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA.

First and foremost I must say that The Electric Factory is an awesome place to see a concert if you are ever in Philadelphia. The sound system is excellent and the whole layout is all around great. The first band to play was Homegrown. They did not do a very good job of warming the crowd up.

While they were playing about 75% of the people there were just standing around with their arms corset. They really weren’t anything special, they seemed a lot like a reggae band, which is not a bad thing, I just think that that was not the type of music that the people there were in to. After Homegrown a band that was not scheduled to play came on. I’m not sure of their name but they did say that they just signed a record contract, and they have their first CD coming out soon. They really worked the crowd excellently; everyone was definitely into them. Tons of people were dancing and moshing every were. The band seemed to have a punk/pop sound to it. They played an awesome set.

After they finished up Zebrahead came out. They played a lot of the common stuff from their CD Waste of Mind. The crowd really seemed to like them, tons of people sure moshing a pushing and shoving. A lot of their songs sound a lot like rap, so I think that is why so many of the trendy teenagers there liked them so much. The band is not quite my cup of tea, but if you like them they are great to see live.

After they came off Goldfinger was up coming. Unfortunately it took them about 45 min. to some on. They blamed it on their drummer being in the bathroom. When they finally did come on stage every one was a little pissed off but, once they started to play every one was crowd surfing, dancing singing and having a good time, including me who was right in the middle of it all. Throughout their set the band was doing all kinds of wacky things like stage diving, having about 25 people up on stage to sing Superman, and there bass player can do the coolest things with his guitar. They were awesome and are always a pleasing band to see live, or so I hear.

Finally, at about 12:30 Reel Big Fish arrived on stage. They played several songs from a new album that they have coming out and I quote, “never”. The songs were pretty good. Everyone in the audience was going crazy moshing especially when they played Thank You for Not Moshing. Reel Big Fish is an awesome band to see live; all of their songs always sound awesome. After they played Sellout they went off stage and then came back on and played, Every Ones Doing the Fish and something else, but I’m not sure because everything was so loud. All together the lineup was awesome and I would definitely recommend this tour for everyone and It’s a great value considering how many great bands you see.


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