Edna’s Goldfish @ Skater’s World, Wayne, NJ

Live Reviews | Sep 5th, 1998

Opening Bands: Face First, Day 19, Flipside
Date: September 5th, 1998?
Venue: Skater’s World, Wayne, NJ

Hey, what do you know? We are seeing Edna’s Goldfish again. It’s like the millionth time we have seen them but who cares, I enjoy their show everytime.

It was a pretty cool night. We hung out with Edna’s most of the night. They are a bunch of cool guys! We chatted with them most of the night but other bands that played were Face First, Flipside, and Day 19. Face First was the first band I saw and they were average punk band from NJ. Same-O, Same-O. According to Brian from Edna’s, a band played before them and they were like 8 years old and played like 1 song. Hey you got to start somewhere.

Next up was,*gag* Flipside. They are from my hometown, Goshen. I’m ashamed to say it. They are this poppy alternative band that always plays ska shows for some odd reason. GO PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE!. Anyway, Day 19 was up next. This is the first time I saw them and I was surprised to see they were actually good. Their horns blended in nicely. They had some good songs but I have no idea about the name of the songs. At least one band besides Edna’s Goldfish was good here.

Finally, Edna’s Goldfish was up. They opened with “I’m your density.” They had some guest horn players from Face First come out and play with them. Also, Edna’s gets more popular everytime they play here and this time they actually let a girl in the crowd come up and sing the second verse from the song. She didn’t sound half bad. They guys in the band were impressed. Before the set, they looked worried because they thought she was going to screw up. So they continued rocking on as they usually do, playing “Just Less,” and “Story.” They then played some newer songs “Get to You,” and “Relate.” By this time, all the kids were going crazy, some crowdsurfing. What dorks! Where do they hear that crowdsurfing is cool at ska shows? MTV? Why don’t we just blow up that stupid station? Anyway, Edna’s played “Sunrise to Sunset,” “Veronica Sawyer,” “This is not Here.” They also played their newest song “Invincible,” which is going to be their next single off their next album. Look for it on the radio, hehehe. They then finished with “Eventually Anyway,” “Avoiding the Swerve.” Overall, they were excellent as usual. They now will be heading out on tour with Siren Six! and others like Mustard Plug, and Pilfers. They should get some good exposure out there. The Bad Manners tour has been cancelled so they won’t be doing that. Look for them to hop on to the Toasters tour. LATER!


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