Goldfinger @ The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Live Reviews | Jun 1st, 2000

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Opening Bands: Ignite, U.S. Crush, Method of Groove
Date: 2000
Venue: The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Man, it’s been a while since I wrote a concert review. We finally decided to go to a show instead of backing out last minute, which was becoming the usual routine. like you care?

To the show shall we? We were on our way to The Chance and hey, what do you know, its friggin’ raining again. I think out of the pile of shows we have gone there, it was nice once. Does this place have a black cloud over it? Anywho… we waited outside in the rain, but it wasn’t that bad like the drive up. There was a shitload of people outside waiting to get in. When we got in, Method of Groove was playing. We thought it was a Life of Agony cover band or something. It ended up being a local band playing poppy punk, which didn’t sound half bad. You know us and pop punk. Some of the set was tolerable, but the singer was annoying and his ass was hanging out the whole set. Who needs to see this? Little girlies who came to see Goldfinger maybe. I would hate to be the drummer in the band and be looking out at the crowd and see the singers ass in ya’ face. NO THANKS. AGH… Matt now vomits After M.O.G.. Mog hahahaha.. They should change it to just MOG.. That’s better than Method of Groove. Whaddaya think?

U.S Crush came on after that. They are a band from O.C. California and play Hard Rock/CA Punk, so they sounded like Goldfinger a bit. The band was a mix of Goldfinger and Midnight Oil. But they had lots of good songs. They are on a big label so if you look for the cd in stores I am sure you will be able to find it.

Ignite, California Hardcore, came on next. It seemed like half the crowd was there for them. I came to see Goldfinger but Ignite, being added to the bill made it a much better show. They played lots of songs, mostly from their album out next month of TVT Records. They played some favorites like “Embrace,” “Turn,” “In My Time,” and plenty of others. They covered Bad Brains “Banned in D.C.” which was an excellent cover by the way. The singer during one song went over to the owner/bouncer, and asked about the stage diving, and he mentioned that it was cool that East Coast club lets stage diving as long as the equipment doesn’t get wrecked, and he thought that was awesome because clubs on the west coast don’t let anyone stage dive anymore because of the lawsuits. Ignite was one of the highlights of the show, as well as the headliners, Goldfinger. They have a really great stage presence but act like fuckin rock stars. They are good, so I will let that go.

It took them awhile to come on, it was either them sleeping and doing rock star shit in their giant ass tour bus or the equipment wasn’t “right.” They played lots of good songs from all three albums. I really like their new album, Stomping Ground. That has been in my player constantly. It definitely is catchy. My other favorites are from the first album. Well, the second one I gave away, so now more of that. But they played lots of songs from each and during… hmmm let me think…. which one is it…maybe it was for “Here in the Bedroom” they invited everyone on stage and they did the song with like 75 people or so and it was crazy. There was so many people on stage that one kid decided to stage dive. I would of laugh my ass off if he fell on to the floor of the dancefloor because that is like a ten foot drop. Good comedy if that happened. The show ended, we split and that’s that. Later


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