Leeway, E-Town Concrete @ Sea Sea’s, Moosic PA

Live Reviews | Apr 8th, 1999

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Opening Bands: E-Town Concrete, Strength For A Reason
Date: April 8th 1999
Venue: Sea Sea’s, Moosic PA

Another hardcore show at Sea Sea’s. We haven’t been there in awhile but finally made it out to a show. First up was a band from Philly, Freight Train. They were good. They had a lot of heavy songs, that got all there boys dancing hard in the pit. None of them seem to dance in the middle but dance on the outside of the pit, hitting all the people just watching. That shit isn’t cool. Ya gonna dance, get your ass in the middle and dance. Anyways, the band was good.

Next up was Strength for a Reason. Of course they kick ass every time. They played some new stuff as well from there demo tape. After them was E-Town Concrete. I was surprised they were playing so early because there was originally like 7 bands on the bill.

Oh well. I came for Etown anyway. They played a lot of stuff from their album “Time2Shine,” but to my disappointment they didn’t play “Time2Shine.” They played songs like “Cycles,”Nothanx,” “4 in the Fame,” “Hold Up,” plus a whole bunch more. They played some newer stuff too. They will have a new album coming out in the summer some time. Leeway was up next. They got back together, and this was like the 15th year they have been around. NYHC bringin it back. They were pretty good but I only stuck around for a song or two.


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