Michael Rose @ House of Blues, Orlando, FL

Live Reviews | May 28th, 1999

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Opening Bands: Andrew Tosh
Date: May 28th 1999
Venue: House of Blues, Orlando, FL

While down in Florida, Matt and I were lucky enough to catch a cool reggae show down at Downtown Disney at House of Blues.

I felt like I was 15 again because our parents had to drop us off at Downtown Disney and we had to wait for them to pick us up at midnight. This show was supposed to start like 8pm but they didn’t even open the doors till 930pm. So we ratted in the Virgin Megastore and listen to every cd, read a lot of magazines, watched movies on DVD, and listened to some reggae CDs. Surprisely this store had a good selection of music that I like. While this was going, there was a tornado warning and it was getting very dark. I could see a couple of mickey mouses flying around in the sky..no no no, that didn’t happen but there was a heavy downpour for at least 45 minutes. Matt and I said fuck it and walk in the ran anyway and looked at star wars stuff in other stores. there wasn’t many stores or much to do there at Downtown Disney.

So the rain eventually died down and we eventually got into the House of Blues. They didn’t start the show until like 10pm and we had to get going at 12ish so we were going to miss most of Michael Rose. Fully Follwood Band or something like that played two decent reggae tracks with no singing. Then they took a 15 minute break and I was like, what the fuck, is there going to have a damn show tonight or what? I was getting paranoid because mommy and daddy had to pick me up from the place. I made Matt called our parents to get us a little later.

Then Andrew Tosh came on. You know he’s the son of the famous wailer, Peter Tosh right? ok, just checking. He had a good voice and has some really good songs. I don’t know any of his songs so I couldn’t tell you what he played. He played his father’s song “Legalize It.” I think he played some more of his father’s songs but I don’t know that much about Peter or his music so…He went off and during the breaks, they had a guy who played some cool dancehall, which got annoying and loud at some points.

Then the ex-Black Uhuru vocalist, grammy winner came on with his dreads all pushed up and then he started off with “Short Temper.” Then he went into “Sensemilla.” Then some rasta chick split beer on my shoes and I got out of the huge dance floor. Other songs he played while we were still there was “Gone A New York,” which is a really good song, and some others that I forgot because it was last month. haha..Then Matt was being stupid and saying we had to go outside and go. So we did and that was it. I was glad to see Michael Rose though because he’s an excellent vocalist in the reggae music.


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