No Use For A Name @ Irving Plaza, NYC & The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA

Live Reviews | Feb 18th, 2000

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Opening Bands: Consumed, Mad Caddies
Date: February 16th & February 17th 2000
Venue: Irving Plaza, NYC & The Trocadero, Philadelphia

These shows were amazing: fun crowds, animated performances, good company New York was more receptive to Consumed and Mad Caddies, but after a few songs inPhilly, the crowd was great.

I had seen Mad Caddies before, at the Warped tour back in 97, but they were nothing like they were now. Going back and forth between old, new, and brand spanking new, they were lively, and capable. With songs like: “Road Rash,” “Monkeys,” and “Polyester Khakis” the crowd was dancing like crazy. Throw in “No Se,” “Econoline,” “Medium Unwell,” and “Mums the Word.” Check out Margarets interview with Sasha for a peak into the world of the Mad Caddies.

Both performances by No Use For A Name were by far some of the best live acts I have ever seen. Opening with “Savior” both nights, and getting the crowd into a frenzy. They played some of my NUFAN favorites: “Justified Black Eye,” “Invincible,” “Redemption Song,” “Best Regards,” “Fatal Flue,” “Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me” and closing with “The Answer is Still No,” plus a slew of others that would probably annoy you if I told you them all.

It was an amazing show. The band was jumping, laughing, and genuinely just having a good time up there. It was really great to see a band having so much fun on stage and I think thats one of the reasons the show was so good. I laughed my ass off when they did a cover of the Misfits “Martian.” Guys from Mad Caddies and Consumed rushed the stage and threw in trumpets, screams, and each other. This is the best show I have seen in such a long time, and possibly ever. Afterwards, I got to talk with Matt NUFAN. That should be up soon loyal viewers, so fret not. Pablo Honey, out.


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