NOFX @ Irving Plaza, NYC

Live Reviews | Mar 16th, 2002

NOFX, Direct Hit, Mephiskapheles @ Irving Plaza, NYC (6)

Opening Bands: Mad Caddies, Frenzal Rhomb
Date: March 16th 2002
Venue: Irving Plaza, NYC

Well, I got to the show, and I was supposed to have an interview with Frenzal Rhomb @ 8, but when I talked to their road manager, he didn’t know about it, but said it wouldn’t be a problem except Lyndsey (the guitar player) usually does the interviews, and he was out getting food.

So I we set it up that I was to find him after the show, and we would do the interview then. So I wait around for the place to fill up (and it did- sold out show) and the first notes of Frenzal Rhomb. They played a great fucking set… Non-stop, hard, fast, and extremely energetic, getting into the crowd for some vocals, and really trying to warm them up. Unfortunately, not too many people were moving around, which sucked, b/c they were very much worth it. Playing some great songs like “Run,” “Coming Home,” “Everything’s Fucked” and a bunch of older songs that I don’t remember the names to.

Next up was Mad Caddies. This is the fourth time I’ve seen them, and I have always been pleased with their performance. They played some songs off their newest like “Mary Melody,” Shaving Your Life,” and ending with, “All American Badass.” They played some older ones, too, like “The Gentleman,” and “Road Rash,” and more that I forget the names too, but it was great… They did this thing where they got people onstage to tell some embarassing problem they have, and then sing a song about it… Some fat guy went up there to say he shits his pants… it was really funny, but you kinda had to be there, I guess…

At last came NOFX. Opening with banter like they usually do, they finally broke in what they called “the best NOFX song ever” Olympia, WA, the Rancid song… They definately played more newer than old stuff… Nothing off of S&M Airlines, or Ribbed, or Liberal Animation, although they did play “Six Pack Girls.” They crowd went fucking nuts when they played part of, “The Decline” and the dude from the Mad Caddies came out to play the trombone. They didn’t play as long as the last time I saw them, only about an hour, but it was good. They played: “Stickin in My Eye,” “Bob,” “Linoleum,” “Together On the Sand,” “Flogging a Dead Horse,” “Punk Rock Elite,” “the Pharmacist’s Daughter,” “Bottles to the Ground,” and ended with “Theme to a NOFX Album” where Melvin came out with an acordian, and just wouldn’t leave after the song, and everyone else stopped… They tried to drag him off, but he just kept coming back out… So the show ended, and I waited for people to clear out to go find the road manager for Frenzal Rhomb, but one bouncer said everyone was upstairs, and when I went to go back upstairs, I was told that a photo pass wasn’t good enough for there. So I tried to explain my siuation, but since I couldn’t remember his name, I couldn’t get past the bouncer, and we didn’t get the interview, which sucks, but it was a good show anyway..


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