Skinnerbox @ Sea Sea’s Moosic, PA

Live Reviews | Oct 1st, 1998

Photo by Bryan Kremkau

Opening Bands: The Tempers, 8oz. Joe, Stepback 45’s
Date: October 1st 1998
Venue: Sea Sea’s Moosic, PA

It’s Thurs. night and we have nothing better to do here at school so we decided to go to Sea Sea’s and see Skinnerbox from NYC.

I never seen them before and i don’t think anyone there did either. There was like 20 kids there. Certainly, they don’t know who Skinnerbox was, except for a few kids. The first band was The Tempers, who were ska-core. They were pretty good but it sucks when no one dances except one kid. I felt like a high school dance when no one dances and they just sit on the side and watch. Oh how exciting. Then some other bands played but i didn’t pay much attention to them. I think the other bands were 8 oz. Joe and the Stepback 45’s. I was getting bored.

Then Skinnerbox came up and got the few kids dancing. They were pretty good but as usual the sound system sucks and they were too loud. King Django was holding his ears while playing because it was too loud on stage as well. They played songs such as “You knock the wind out of me,” “Nex Finga,” “Addiction,” and “No More.” Also they played a song from there new 7″ called “Hepcat Season.” Overall they were good, and i’m glad I went because there is nothing to do around here in the freaking mountains. THE END


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