The Aquabats @ The Metro, Chicago, IL

Live Reviews | Dec 12th, 2003

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Opening Bands: Short Arm Trick
Date: December 12th 2003
Venue: The Metro, Chicago, IL

The Metro in Chicago Chicago’s Short Arm Trick, finally back in their hometown after a long tour, seemed to play a pretty good set on that Friday evening at The Metro. They gave the energetic set of pop punk tunes that they never fail at delivering in order to please their fans. Particularly enthused was the severely drunken girl who I was doomed to get stuck standing next to.

There are many bands out there that are great to see live, but The Aquabats leave them all eating dust. Never have I experienced such an audience interactive, not to mention entertaining, show. The Aquabats do not only play their music, they fight villains, and get everyone in the house involved (including those boring people on the balcony). Seeing an Aquabats show is like being a part of your favorite Saturday morning cartoon. The Aquabats are famous for wearing superhero costumes as they play, but there is so much more to their show. Hanging on the back of the stage was a giant video screen, onto which images were projected to go along with the music.

It was as if the band had brought the music video to the stage. In order to give the audience time to rest in between some songs, these hilarious fake commercials staring The Aquabats were played for all to view. The villains for the show turned out to be a big white rabbit and a giant broccoli, which The Aquabats combated until they were able to help the audience turn the bad guys into good ones. The set list for the night included “The Cat with Two Heads”, and for their encore the band played “Pool Party” during which girls from the audience were brought up on stage to help sing. The show came to its conclusion with the lead singer doing a back flip off of the elevated drum platform. There is just so much that happens at an Aquabats show, it is hard to put it all into one review and I feel compelled to recommend, no, COMMAND that everybody go see them play live. To say that they put on an extremely fun and worthwhile show would be quite an understatement.


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