The Aquabats @ Knitting Factory, NYC

Live Reviews | Jun 19th, 2004

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Opening Bands: Planet Smashers, Lederhosen Lucil
Date: June 18th 2004
Venue: Knitting Factory, NYC

I never saw the Aquabats in a club setting before so I said, what the hell, I’ll take a trip to New York City and see them and the Planet Smashers. Well I guess it’s probably safe to say I won’t be going to too many more shows in NYC.

The traffic was so shitty, and the show was an early and on a Friday night, so it didn’t help. From Northern NJ to the Knitting Factory in the village, NYC, it took 2 fuckin’ hours. Why must every light turn red when the other lights do?! We’ll be sitting at the light and nothing coming the other way, what the hell is that about? Man, I don’t know how people can commute to the city every day…well unless they are making a shitload of money I can see it, but not for crappy pay. ANYWAY, My brother and I parked and walked to the Knitting Factory. I never been there before so I was trying to figure out where everything was. My stupid brother couldn’t figure out which bathroom was the men’s. haha. It had graffiti on it plus those male/female signs and he couldn’t tell the difference hahahaha. While the first band or person, Lederhosen Lucil was playing her quirky solo ska music (which wasn’t bad by the way!), we ventured in the back and talked with Matt of the Planet Smashers for a little bit. I wanted to make a song request for “Recollect” but I forgot because I’m a dumbass. Matt’s a very nice guy, go talk to him if you get the chance. After that, we watched some more of Lederhosen Lucil and the crowd was loving her. She had a great stage presence and was very funny as well.

I went upstairs at the end of her set and got a nice spot to take pictures. Between sets, the club played some Aqua Teen Hunger Force and I finally got to see the show but could barely hear it so technically I didn’t. The Planet Smashers took the stage and opened up with “Missionary’s downfall” I believe. These guys have a fun set. Their set was similar to the Ska is Dead show I saw at Poughkeepsie. They played such classics like “Super Orgy Porno Party,” “Surfin in Tofino” “Fabricated” “I like Your Girl” and “Pee in the Elevator.” During the set, they did their Braveheart thing where they have the crowd split up and then run into each other and dance their brains out. I took some shots of that, that’s in the picture section. They also borrowed a chorus of Mustard Plug’s “Beer song” to have the crowd sing. I thought that was kind of funny, but then again they are friends. At this point, the club started to get really fucking hot! I mean, the hot where you my glasses start to fog up, and sweat is dripping my body from just standing still.

The Aquabats made their way on stage eventually and proclaimed this was the hottest fucking show ever. Good, I wasn’t the only one miserable. They opened up with “Super Rad” and then played “Lovers of Loving Love.” Two of my favorite tunes from them. The kids were jumping around and throwing balloons and just being goofy along with the band. The one thing that makes me crack up is the footage behind the band the whole set. It ranges from cheesy 70’s kung fu movies, or Pee Wee’s Big Adventure with the demented clowns, or the guitar welding animated burger from Better off Dead. I think the best one was a full sprinting Bigfoot repeating over and over. Man I think I almost pissed myself. Other songs in the set included “Cat with 2 Heads” “Story of Nothing” and “Pizza Party” “Giant Robot- Bird like head.” At one point, the white buffalo showed up to take over the show and the Bat Commander felt it was too hot to fight, so they arm wrestled instead and the Bat Commander punched him down to the floor.

Another great thing was the Aquabat commercials for Pudding Utility belt and others. Classic stuff right there. It was 120 degrees at this point and it was so hot, “I thought I saw the devil sitting next to me.” Lederhosen Lucil with a Aquabats mask came out and sang a tune with the Bat Commander and that was kind of cool. The Aquabats played a slower tune towards the end of the set and that marked me leaving hell known as Knitting Factory. Thankfully there was no traffic on the way home.


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