The Toasters @ Skater’s World Wayne, NJ

Live Reviews | Dec 29th, 1999

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Date: December 29th, 1999
Opening Bands: Pilfers, Edna’s Goldfish, Step Lively, Day 19
Venue: Skater’s World Wayne, NJ

It’s one of the last shows before the end of the millenium and we are finally heading out to another show. With my hectic work schedule, it’s hard to make good shows these days, but I will usual head out to the shows I know will rock. This one featured an awesome lineup: Day 19, Step Lively, Edna’s Goldfish, Pilfers, and The Toasters. When we got there, it was packed. I think this was the largest drawing ska concert at skater’s world since I have been there. There were so many little kids there I felt like a grandpa standing next to them.

Continuing, Step Lively started the night off, about an hour after the people let us all in. Figures, in usual Skater’s World fashion. So everyone made there way up front for Step Lively. I heard while at the show, that Step Lively is losing their horns after this night. I really think they were better with them but I guess they feel they are more rock now than ska, so whatever. They were really good. They played plenty of tracks off their new album “The Trigger Effect” and featured some old stuff off their demo, including “You Don’t Know Jack,” featuring Brian Diaz of Edna’s Goldfish.

After that, was Day 19. The more times I see this band they get better and tighter as a group. I really think they are talented guys. They drew a lot of locals since they are from the area. So expect to see good things from this band in the future.

Next, was Edna’s Goldfish, coming off an interesting tour and an opening spot for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at their annual homedown throwdown in Boston. They rocked as usual and they just seem to improve with every set and gain new fans. They played lots of stuff off their new album, “Elements of Transition,” as well as their previous release. They played “Purple,” for like the first time in years or months, who knows, but Coolie Ranx didn’t come out and join them this time. Editor’s Note: I think he forgot his part in the song, even though he freestyled anyway. So they kicked ass like usual, and surprisingly the place kind of emptied out after their set. I heard people just came for Edna’s set.

If they left after that then they missed out on an awesome set by the Pilfers, which was nice to see them play in front of large audience. I know Coolie loves to feed off large crowds and that gives him more people to work with on the sing alongs. They played lots of stuff on the new album like “Aqua,” “Mr. Exploita,” “What’s New,” “Climbing,” and plenty more in their long set of about 45-50 mins. Look out for the single “Aqua” to hit the radio in the beginning of February. So call and request it on your local shitty alternative station. Ok enough of the plugs.

Last, was The Toasters. More and More I see these guys I get disappointed at the fact they had a great thing going a few years ago, but now have different members like Adam from the Specials, John from the Skoidats, plus Jack Ruby was nowhere to be found. He usually a takes vacation around this time but I wouldn’t know since I haven’t seen them in a year or so so who knows where he is. All I know is they have no personality these days with just Bucket singing. They need a second frontman like Jack Ruby JR and Coolie Ranx have in the past. They also need Sledge because he’s an awesome trumpet player, Adam is good just doesn’t have that personality like Sledge. Ok enough of my nit picking. They played the usual stuff and the whole night was fun so my review ends here..


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