Warped Tour 2000 @ Boston, MA

Live Reviews | Jul 21st, 2000

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Date: July 20th 2000
Venue: Boston, MA

Well…. We drove up and had a fun time stuck at the US1 junction… 3 highways into 1 it seems… But it was cool. The line stretched AROUND and AROUND and AROUND Suffolk Downs… And they had to search my freaking bag…So I waited a while to get in. it was all ok though. Because… MILLENCOLIN PLAYED!!!! Sitting there waiting, suffering through Popa Roach…Ugh…. When they said “mElloncolin” is up next, we all flipped em off for the rest of their set. (They being Popa Roach, and Millencolin pronounced by them ((popa roach)) with an E…)

But then Millencolin (with an I) was on………..What can you say about guys that come all the way from Sweden to ROCK THE SHIT out of you? They opened with Bullion, my favorite song by em. (Got introduced to them through Punk O Rama 2.) People… Millencolin kicks ass. Few bands compare to them, and that is no lie in theleast…. I can’t wait to see em again. What else… I saw the Planet Smashers (god they rule!), NOFX, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Green Day, MxPx, and the Bosstones.

Oh, I forgot Suicide Machines. To comment a bit….Suicide Machines FINALLY understand that nobody likes their new cd, so they only played Permanant Holidy off it, and the rest was old stuff. New Girl, Too Much, SOS, Someone, DDT, Hating Hate… More…Long Beach Dub Allstars were really cool, but almost exactly Sublime basically. Green Day’s drummer set his drums on fire at the end. But they played “Knowledge” so I was happy. MxPx was cool, but they’re getting really emo like.

But the Bosstones… The Mighty, Mighty, Bosstones. God they rule. A huge cannon was set up, and Ben (The dancing guy) took the place of the daredevil who normally does it and got shot into a net. Damn he almost missed it! Putting on a great set, inviting people up on stage… Dicky Barret is one of the most emotional guys I’ve ever seen…I can’t wait till the Hometown Throwdown. I bought a ton of shit… Some Fork In Hand shirts, Planet Smashers CD, GOB CD, World Warped III live CD, ummm… More CD’s.. Can’t remember em all.There went an entire paycheck, but it was WELL worth it.


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