Warped Tour 2000 @ Randall’s Island, New York, NY

Live Reviews | Jul 24th, 2000

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Date: July 24, 2000
Venue: Randall’s Island, NYC

Man, this is the last time I go to the Vans Warped Tour. Nothing but problems the whole time. I wasn’t originally planned on going this year since I was on vacation. But being that it was postponed due to rain we decided to give it a shot at getting press/photo passes. I was told a few days before hand that we would have passes. We bought all this film and camera batteries and when we get down there it’s a mob scene.

We finally get up to the window and they say Sorry, we don’t have anything here for you. I was so furious. Some friends of Paul had a cell phone so I had to call California to see what the hell is going on. I couldn’t hear too well but the first time no one was there to hear my complaints. The second time I called back which was like 10 minutes later, someone was there to talk to. So I was like WHAT THE FUCK? I was told Friday that I would have passes and now there isn’t any here for me? Why didn’t you get in touch with me?!? Oh, we had no way of getting in touch with people. BULLSHIT. Why do you call yourself a Public Relations company if you can’t pick up the fucking telephone! Unfortunately, the cell phone was breaking up because I think the batteries were dying. Oh well. I didn’t hear a good enough explanation anyway. Well, I am sure by this point you don’t give a shit about what happened with us. So onto the Corporate showcase of mediocre talent. We went back to the car cursing and screaming, and threw our shit back into the car. We then waited on line to go in with oh, about 1000 other people. They make you go through a line of fences which reminds me of something back in Nazi Germany.

You then arrive upon sponsors on top of sponsors from Sony Playstation to Vans galore and tons of expensive food items. What a treat. To pay for all that food and hassle as well as the $30 ticket to get in is just not worth it. Save your money kids. Anti-Flag was playing when we got in to the grounds of the show. They are pretty good. They had a lot of people cheering and kicking up dust already. After that I think Hot Water Music played. They were ok. I was just chilling on the ground listening to them. This year was definitely not impressive at all. Merchandise was expensive, food and soda prices were ridiculous, and there was a lot of stupid people there as well. Some of the bands that I did enjoy were The Suicide Machines, Bosstones and VOD. After VOD played, I was walking around and noticed that E Town Concrete was playing. So that was a surprise to see them on the small Ernie Ball stage.

They had a lot of people around for a small stage. After that, I walked over and caught some of Snapcase’s set. They were pretty good as well. It’s hard for me to sit around in one spot so I didn’t stick around long and decided to walk around again. I then checked out some of the skateboarders on the vert ramp. There I watched some classic riders like Steve Callabero, and Rick Thorne. When I first sat down no one really was around then a huge crowd started gathering. A few other bands played in the meantime, Unwritten Law, Good Riddance played earlier in the day, and this rap band Jurassic 5 was up.

I really liked them. Its not the rap like shoot your bitch up and throw her down the stairs kind of rap so It was nice to see something different on the show. They had two awesome DJ’s on stage as well and they would battle back and forth during the show. It was pretty cool. I liked them so much I decided to buy the cd. Now it was getting late and I was exhausted from standing around as well as standing around in dust all day, but we had to stick around for friends. Long Beach Dub All Stars played as well as Green Day. Both didn’t impress me at all. Green Day played nothing but their “hits” and all the stupid little girls got on their boyfriends shoulders and were screaming like it was friggin’ N’Sync or something. I have heard that Green Day was soft on the tour and it showed. After that we split and went home. That was the last Warped Tour I am going to. I don’t care if every resurrected band came on the tour I am not going! What a waste of money and time.


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