Warped Tour 2002 @ Comerica Park, Detroit, MI

Live Reviews | Aug 18th, 2002

Warped Tour

Date: August 18th 2002
Venue: Detriot MI

I was amazed by the performance of the Damned. I loved crowdsurfing during Flogging Molly.

But unfortunately, 30 minutes of good times does not, no matter how important to me, outweigh the 8 ours of pure hell endured otherwise. I learned more about fascism that day than any other day in my life. Never again will I drink from a fire hydrant because adequate drink cannot be supplied. Never again will I pay ten dollars to a fellow concertgoer to purchase a coke he got for 2.50 (which is already an inflated price) just to keep me from PASSING OUT.

And Mustard Plug emailed me, telling me that they were kicked out of warped tour permanently because of their performance. And I tell you, you might as well have kicked me out permanently too. Mustard Plug was going to be my favorite performance there, but its lack thereof was the final straw. The shit-for-brains security didn’t know how to handle a mob of fans who wanted to enjoy MUSIC, so they turned it OFF. If they cant handle a punk rock show, they shouldn’t try to host one. Never has something alternative like the warped tour been so corporate-controlled and mainstream.

I vouch that i’ve seen about 6 of those bands before, and every single band, the performance they gave was terrible compared to what I had witnessed beforehand. And I assume it is because they’re just as tired and as angry as I am. Tell Vans that their brand is being bought by me no more, unless they can properly excuse themselves for this hideously scheming disaster known as Warped Tour Detroit.


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