Art of War

Movie Reviews | Aug 25th, 2000

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Starring Wesley Snipes, Marie Matiko, Anne Archer, Michael Biehn, Donald Sutherland
Written By: Wayne Beach
Directed By: Christian Duguay

I like Wesley Snipes action movies. Passenger 57, U.S. Marshals were enjoyable and so was this movie. The movie was a little predictable from the beginning and was similar to U.S. Marshals, sort of. He’s running away, trying to clear his name because he’s being framed.

That basically sums up the movie. Snipes plays this mysterious United Nations agent who doesn’t have an identity and is trying to help these American- Chinese agreement. The story can be confusing sometimes and the movie is a bit cliche. Like i’m sure every asian person knows karate? Speaking of asian, the girl who being protected was fiiinnneee! Anyway, The action was great, Wesley Snipes doing I think all or most of his stunts. There was some good fight scenes in the beginning of the movie.

There was some Matrix-esque special effects with gunfire and stuff which was neat. One point where I think they went overboard on the computer work was just when someone was in a car. When someone was in a car talking or sitting there, they had this blurred motion scenes of cars and stuff going by and I noticed that was fake and that they weren’t even moving and it was just a car with a blue screen. Why must movie directors or whatever go the cheap route to get a simple shot done.

A person in a car, is not a hard shot to do. Stick a guy on with rollerblades and it works!! Don’t do everything with a damn blue screen. I think this is going to ruin movies. Some of the scenes looked to fake. Anyway, I’m prob. the only guy who noticed that because I’m weird. The movie was entertaining, but there’s definitely a lot of problems with it but it may be just me.

Favorite Scenes: I liked the beginning with all the good karate fighting
Rating: R
Running Time: 117 minutes
Overall Rating:


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