The Bourne Identity

Movie Reviews | Jun 14th, 2002

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Starring Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Clive Owen, Chris Cooper, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Julia Stiles, Brian Cox
Written By: Tony Gilroy, W. Blake Herron
Directed By: Doug Liman

Another movie that I didn’t plan on seeing this summer. I don’t mind Matt Damon as an actor, but I didn’t really hear too much about this until the trailers started to come out.

But whatever, I saw it and thought it was okay. The story is about Jason Bourne (Damon), his body was found in the ocean by a fishing boat, and he was practically dead. He comes to and can’t remember anything but eventually finds out that he’s being hunted and needs to find out what’s going on and who he is. He gets help from some girl (Potente) that he saw in the U..S Embassy. He starts to figure out things little by little, such as he can hurt people real bad, has lots of money and has a good sense of his surroundings; even though he can’t figure out who the hell he is. I thought the movie was a lot like Ronin. It had the same setting, good car chases, assassin/spy plot, and great acting. Though I like Ronin better. Matt Damon did a great job being in his first action movie, even though most of the stunts he did probably were speeded up and the sound effects were enhanced.

Run Lola Run star Franka Potente was good in this as well. Clive Owen was cool to see, and played one of the many bad guys. He’s the one in all those BMW Films that you can see on the internet. I think we need to see him star in a spy movie where he’s the good guy. I thought some of the plot was confusing to me. Though every movie I see now a days i’m confused in. Must be because I’ve been out of school for so long now. Yeah, that’s it hehe.

I liked the fight scenes, the car chase, and the interesting story. I believe this is a remake that Richard Chamberlain starred in once. I thought the movie was long and probably couldnt have been cut 10 minutes or so. But maybe that was my stomach growling and I needed to eat some food. There was some far fetched action scenes too. During the car chase, that little piece of shit car couldn’t have went down those stairs without tipping over, which it looked like it almost did. Another scene was at the end of the movie. there’s no way out but on a stairwell so Bourne surfs on a body and falls down, shoots a guy on another part of the stairs, and then slowly walks away.

I’m pretty sure he would have flow right into a railing or into another story of the building instead of going straight down. I also didn’t like the ending that much. Thats where I was getting confused with everything. But you be the judge, I liked the film but it had it’s flaws. The usual rating. hehe

Favorite Scenes: the car chase, the field scene
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 118 minutes
Overall Rating:


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