Gone in 60 Seconds

Movie Reviews | Jun 9th, 2000

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Starring Nicholas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Robert Duvall, Vinny Jones, Giovanni Ribisi
Written By: Scott Rosenberg
Directed By: Dominic Sena
I liked this movie. Not many critics did. I thought it was something different for a change.

Not the usual bam bam you’re dead type of movie. It’s action but a different kind of action movie. Though, the movie had some inconsistencies, the movie was entertaining. Nicholas Cage stars as a retired car thief who has to come back and bail out his kid brother, played by Giovanni Ribisi. Giovanni followed in Cage’s footsteps by stealing cars, and he screws up a big project for some snooty British dude. They threaten to kill him and chase after his big brother to come and help him out.

The big thing is to steal 50 top of the line cars in 3 days. Of course they wait to do it in 12 hours, leading to a more suspenseful sequence. I didn’t really feel the chemistry between Cage and Ribisi, perhaps that is what turned off critics. Here is Nicholas Cage putting his own life on the line for his younger brother, who just doesn’t come away with enough compassion and thankfulness that should be expressed. Also, Angelie Jolie was not used enough in the film, which is too bad because she was looking good as a blonde. One scene in the movie where she is caressing a gear shift knob which is pretty hot. hehehe.

Anywho. Other characters that were good was Vinny Jones, who no one really knows who he is. He was in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and has one line in this movie. The other car thieves were pretty good as well. The movie was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Armageddon, The Rock) and this is another good one for him. So I think you should see this movie. It wasn’t the greatest action movie but I liked it and it was entertaining.

Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 118 minutes
Overall Rating:


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