Monsters, Inc.

Movie Reviews | Nov 2nd, 2001

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Starring Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, James Coburn, Jennifer Tilly, Mary Gibbs
Written By: Andrew Stanton, Daniel Gerson
Directed By: Pete Docter

Another excellent movie by Pixar/Disney. These guys certainly pick some great stories to tell. First with Toy Story, then with A Bug’s Life and then the brilliant sequel to Toy Story.

The film is about Monsteropolis, a city filled with Monsters. Gee like you didn’t know that. Monster’s Inc. is a company that powers the city and every time a kid cries or yells, the sound is bottled up and it provides power for the city. I don’t know, see the damn movie. But anyway, “Sulley” (John Goodman) is one of the best scarers at Monsters Inc., and his best friend Mike (Billy Crystal) works at the company too and is his assistant. What’s funny about the monsters is that they are just as afraid of kids, and as they are to them. Even if a sock gets stuck on the monsters, all hell breaks lose.

So Sulley and Mike find out that someone in the company is trying to cheat and be the best scarer in the company. From that monster doing that, a little girl finds her way into the company of Monster’s Inc. and eventually Sulley stumbles across her. Well besides the movie, I also wanted to see the Star Wars Episode 2 Teaser Trailer as well. It was cool, but nothing fancy. I got more excited to see the Lord Of The Rings trailers instead of the Episode 2 trailers. There’s supposed to be two more coming up in the next week or so. So hopefully they will be better than the teaser teaser teaser trailer. Look for them on the DVD -ROM website, and before Harry Potter. Ok, back to Monster’s Inc.

I have to say that John Goodman did one hell of a job doing the voice for Sulley. Billy Crystal did a good job too but this seemed to be more of a John Goodman movie than Billy Crystal. The little girl in the film was really adorable. The story was excellent as well. The CGI may be great in films, but you need a good story. You know what I’m saying Lucas. The computer graphics took a new step forward. For the big blue monster, Sulley, the fur moves when he does or breathes on it. That’s just amazing. Every time one of these movies comes out, they always have to create a new software for that problem that they run into. Like for Perfect Storm, they had to create a software for waves and water. For this is the fur. Plus, a lot of the stuff in the film looked really real. It was amazing.

Now, people are saying this is for everyone to see but I was in theater and kids younger than 6 or so were crying. So if you have kids younger than 6, don’t bring them to this. This movie was really cute, and an excellent film. Though I liked the other Pixar movies better. Definitely worth seeing.

Rating: PG
Running Time: 92 minutes
Overall Rating:


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