Scary Movie 3

Movie Reviews | Oct 24th, 2003

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Starring Anna Faris, Simon Rex, Charlie Sheen, Drew Mikuska, Regina Hall, Jeremy Piven, Anthony Anderson, Darrell Hammond, George Carlin, Eddie Griffin, Queen Latifah, Denise Richards, Leslie Nielsen, D.L. Hughley, Ja Rule, shitload of others
Written By: Craig Mazin, Pat Proft
Directed By: David Zucker

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie ever since I heard David Zucker was brought on board. Plus the trailer was funny and was hoping that wasn’t just the funny parts.

I think Kevin Smith was originally wrote the screenplay, not sure if he had anything to do with this movie or not. But I’ll go see this mainly David Zucker directed this because he has directed some of the classic comedies of our time. BUT I think I was disappointed with this movie.

The film spoofs movies like Signs and The Ring mostly, with a bunch other films like 8 Mile, The Others, The Matrix, and other films that were meant to be scary or not. I think the film is spoofing itself, not sure if they know that though haha. If you are looking for a movie with a plot then don’t even see this film because it feels like a skit movie spliced together. The jokes were dumb or you have seen them a bunch of times from the trailer. It also felt like the jokes were dumb downed for the general audience, or tamed down to get a PG-13 rated (the previous 2 Scary Movies were rated R)

Though it was sporadically funny throughout the film and I was still laughing out loud because I’m a sucker for dumb comedies. Like I thought the joke for 8 Mile scene was funny, took long to get there but it was funny nonetheless. I didn’t know where it was going or if that scene was going to be funny or not but it was once the joke happened. I also liked the character Cody. I loved how bad things kept happening to the kid, and the scene when Anna Faris explains when he was bored (spoofing the scene from Signs). The Others spoof felt like it was just thrown in there and had no real meaning towards the movie. The wake scene was hilarious with Anthony Anderson and Simon Rex.

I wished they showed more of Chalie Sheen because he’s funny in these type of movies like the Hot Shots films. I kind of wish they will make a third one to that but Jim Abrahams hasn’t worked since 1998 with Jay Mohr’s bomb of a movie known as Mafia. It’s pretty sad to say that Simon Rex was the main star of the film, and he was funny in it. I just wish others were more in it than he was. Anna Faris is even hotter as blonde. Yup, that’s all I have to say about her haha. No, she is funny as well in this movie, her comedic timing and facial expressions are great. The legend, Leslie Neilsen is back and is in his usually silly form. Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy start the movie off and I thought it was a very weak opening. Wasn’t funny to me at all. George Carlin makes an appearance as the Architect, spoofing the Matrix Reloaded, and does a decent job but I think the best Architect parody has to go to Will Ferrell during the 2003 MTV Movie Awards.

And speaking of the Matrix, they didn’t even have any of the Matrix stuff you saw in the commercial which tells me it was too played out or not funny enough. Or unless it was a scene that had to be cut from the movie and will reappear on the DVD. So to sum up this movie. It has it’s laughs but it’s sporadically spaced throughout the movie and it’s weak in many areas. I’d say wait to see it in a discount theater or during a matinee..Or wait til TV/DVD where there won’t be annoying stupid teenagers talking behind you the whole time.

Favorite Scenes: Wake scene, the character Cody getting hurt a lot was hilarious, the Bruce Almighty spoof involving the Television prompter.
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 90 minutes
Overall Rating:


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