The Incredibles

Movie Reviews | Oct 27th, 2004

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Starring Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Lee, Spencer Fox, Sarah Vowell, Brad Bird
Written By: Brad Bird
Directed By: Brad Bird

The Incredibles is about a family of superheros in hiding. Bob (Craig T Nelson) and Helen Parr (Holly Hunter) used to be in their prime as Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, and the top superheros but eventually all superheros had to go into hiding because lawsuits up the wazo starting popping up against superhero.

Bob Parr, aka Mr Incredible is bored with his office job and wants to get back into the game. Eventually, he gets the help of his family and friend Frozone (Samuel L Jackson) to help save the day! I thought this movie was one of Pixar’s best flicks. I still think Toy Story 1 and 2 are the best pixar films to date, but this might be the next. The cast was perfect, and their voices fit really well with the characters. And yes, Jason Lee is the voice of the villain.

It’s fitting for what type of person he is in the movie so it works out. It’s good to see Craig T. Nelson find work again too. Has the man done anything since Coach? Who the hell knows. Holly Hunter as Helen Parr makes the character sound and look really hot. She’s a DMILF. Digital Mom I’d like to fuck! I thought Frozone stole every scene he was in. It’s just funny hearing Jackson in a cartoon that’s PG. My other favorite character was Dash, the son of Mr Incredible who’s super fast. The kid was really funny and had a cool power, just running really fast.

The character Violet was your typical Gen Y girl who looked goth, and was sweet at heart. I thought they did the whole family really well. Seeing the kids fight using their super powers, and the parents using their powers to break them up was genius. It’s the little things that make the movie great. Plus I love all the references and homages to comic books and superheros. The state of animation has greatly improved for the better since the last Pixar movie and the filmmakers take advantage of it. They developed a lot of great looking landscapes and cities, made exciting action scenes and funny & compelling characters that have great facial expressions. I just hope Pixar keeps making these really fun movies and doesn’t let up. They haven’t yet so I have faith they will continue this winning streak.

Favorite Scenes: Dash chase scene, all the scenes with Frozone like the bank robbing scene & yelling at his women,and the ending
Rating: PG
Running Time: 104 minutes
Overall Rating:


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