American Steel

Interviews | Oct 2nd, 2007

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Why did you guys bring back American Steel? Chicks and money?
I’m afraid there is precious little of either. Love of the game my friend.

You guys have a new album out now on Fat Wreck Chords called “Destroy Their Future.” Tell us a little about it.
This record is really the reason we decided to start playing shows again. I had been writing songs that felt like AmSteel songs to me, and we had decided that we wouldn’t play again unless it was alongside a new record. Lyrically, it is largely about striving and encouraging others towards compassion, humanity, and a call to reason and resistance. Musically, it bounces around a bit as we are wont to do. It will probably be a little different and a little similar to those who are already familiar with us.

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you while touring?
Hmmm…so many. One time we found a sun-bleached dusty old industrial sized can of peas. We all offered to give our bassist Johnny our per diems for the week if he could finish it during the 2-hour drive to Gainesville. He made it halfway, at times using a straw to drink the brine. I made him spit some out his nose when I said, “All we are saying is give peas a chance.” He was very slow moving for the rest of the day. Almost as funny was watching our roadie nearly throw up many times due to a peculiar, and serendipitous phobia of peas! If you meet John, dare him to eat something
gross, he’s incapable of refusing such a challenge.

How would you describe your fans?
I’ve often thought that people who listen to us would likely be friends of ours were we living in the same towns. Literate underachievers like ourselves. Music nerds.

Has anyone in the band ever been arrested? What happened?
Not in a long time. I was arrested for arson when I was 8 years old. It was unintentional, I was a pyro like many little boys. Ironically, I almost burned down the house of the lady who dressed up in the Smokey The Bear outfit and visited schools. Also unintentional. On a side note, it was the movie Uncommon Valor that inspired my act, so I guess movies do make kids do bad things.

Which tattoo do you regret the most?
I have only one and it is our shattered note logo. Ryan has a bunch, he and Brendan from The Lawrence Arms got each other’s band logo on tour once, so I would have to go with that one since Brendan is a pederast now.

Tell me about the last fight you were in.
A guy sucker punched me on my own stoop a few years ago. I let him run away, but he came back and took a swing at my friend which really angered me. I tackled him and twisted his hand around until it snapped so there would be no more punching. I do not condone fighting, and I’m deeply saddened by violence even in self defense.

Who in the band is the a) nicest b) smelliest c) horniest d) most talented?

Tell me a secret about another band.
The Lawrence Arms are into kiddie porn.

What are your plans for the rest of the day?
Tofu dog, Pabst tallboy and the Rockies/Padres one-game playoff. I just wish they could both lose.

Will you be my friend?
Fellowship and camaraderie is the most meaningful human interaction for me. I will be anyone’s friend who is not an awful person; I will help anyone if I can.