Neva Dinova

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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So what’s there to do in Omaha on a Friday night?
Well our normal Friday nights usually include cowtipping, harvesting moonshine from local stills, injecting the color into Indian corn with needles or going to the Brother’s (bar).

Your music makes me bittersweetly melancholic. Why must you toy with my emotions?
It’s all because I love you and hate you.

I notice your name is an anagram for Vanna Video. Are you into porn?
Absolutely. Although the name was originally my grandmother’s name.

Speaking of porn, who on Crank Records’ roster/staff are you most attracted to?
The only person that I’ve seen from the Crank! roster/staff is Jeff Matlow, good looking man, but we still have high hopes for Fred Emery.

Would you kiss a man for 10 seconds if it meant you could spend the day with Leonard Cohen?
You’d be surprised and disgusted how far any of us would go to spend a day with Leonard Cohen.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
It was a blowjob. Due to unusual suction I lost my standard issue flesh peetube (R.I.P.) and of course had it replaced with a Kiln Fired hypo-allergenic Ceramic Peetube(tm). Check out Neva Dinova self-titled album on Crank Records (