None More Black (Jason)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

How did None More Black get together? Here’s probably a frequently asked question: What does the name mean?
The band kinda evolved. It started as me jamming with a former roommate in our living room. Eventually that got boring and we decided to get a drummer. It grew and grew. The next thing we knew we were recording a demo, which later turned into a 7″ that our friends at Spaceboy in Philly put out. It was then that realized that we wanted to go for it. Unfortunately nobody from the era NMB is still in the band. It turns out they didn’t really want to go for it. Who can blame them. We were a band for like 2 years before anything serious even came about. The band name came from the move “This Is Spinal Tap” We couldn’t come up with a good name. I’m not too sure that NMB is a good name, but it stuck. It’s from one of the greatest rock movies of all time, you gotta love it.

So, how do you like being on Fat Wreck Chords? Does Fat Mike smack your ass with a paddle and then you must reply, “Thank you sir, May I have another?”
Fat Wreck is an amazing label. Everyone there is so awesome. They have come through 110% for us. No Fat Mike hasn’t smacked us with a paddle. A boy can dream can’t he?

How’s the tour with Lawrence Arms going? Any weird fan experiences yet?
We finished the tour with LA and Colosal a few days ago. It was the best tour I’ve ever been on. Colosal are an amazing band, and a great bunch of dudes. We are also stoked as hell to be label mates with The Lawrence Arms. They are awesome. It’s kinda weird though, when younger kids ask for our autographs. That’s definitely a weird experience. You’re damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

You sang for Kid Dynamite and then KD disbanded. Did you feel a sense of urgency from Kid Dynamite fans that you should get back into the music scene or was it or own choice?
I didn’t start NMB for anyone but myself. It was more of an urgency to play music. To be honest I didn’t think and KD fans would care one way or the other.

What polka band would you love to tour with?
The band that John Candy fronted in Home Alone. I can’t think of their name right now. Weird Al runs a close second.

I hear you’re into film. What part of the filmmaking process do you like the most or want to get into?
I like the whole process to be honest. I’m not into big productions or anything. I’m into personal filmmaking. I don’t see myself moving to Hollywood to persue some big dream, because it’s not my dream. I’m really into documentary work as well as experimental. One of the most inspiring films for me would be a film called “Rain”. It was made in 1929 by Joris Ivens. It’s a very simple film about a rain storm. Not narrative in anyway. It’s just an exploration of rain and how it effects a city. As cheesy as it sounds, sometimes I can relate to kid from American Beauty when he shoots the plastic bag blowing in the wind. I would be more content filming a duck in a lake than anything else.

Since you’re into both music & film, would you like to become a film composer one day? All the rock musicians are doing it these days: Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, and Trevor Rabin.
I really have no interest in that. However, I do own many Danny Elfman records. I love his work. I love film scores, but it’s something I’m not really interested in doing. I’m really into the visual side of things.

Which movie is better: Corky Romano or Super Mario Bros?
Corky Romano by far. We just watched that a few weeks ago. It’s funnier everytime I watch it.

If you were in a situation were you had to choose between music and movies, which one would you pick?
I was in that situation before and I chose film. The plan is to never get into that situation again. But if someone held a gun to my head and said choose. I would choose film, because music is not my dream. It’s sort of something I sorta fell into, but couldn’t stop. It brings me just as much misery as it does joy.

Is there anyone in the music scene that you would want to collaborate with?
Not at present time. I’m still exploring what I can do.

Should we go to war with Canada because they screwed up our electricity and caused a huge blackout?
No way. I love Canada. It was so amazing to play there. No war.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?
Three. It’s a fact.

Do you have anything to promote?
Different Strokes. It was my favorite show when I was growing up.

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