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Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Why do they call Daredevil “The Man Without Fear”?
Well, they call him “the man without fear” because he’s not afraid to go against big bad bullies and touch girls boobies cause he’s blind.

How hard was this role on you physically?
Shoot! it was really hard. I had to get in that tight suit you know and have my balls be up against my body and sometimes .. i make a wrong move and i’d squash my balls. that was rough man! Also all the strecthing and running i had to do and the all the back flips… man i almost became a gymnist and say screw acting! but hey i love acting .. it gets the chicks!

How did you prepare to play a blind man?
well … i blind folded myself everyday. once i woke up i put the blind fold on and walk around my house… getting to know where everything was. It turned me on a bit. so i had my girlfriend comeover and it would turn me on to be blind folded and i’d trip and land on her naked body. awesome stuff i say.. being blind rocks. the only bad stuff as not being able to see where you are going .. to i’d smack my balls on the corner of table or i cut my fingers cause when i’d cook. which made my cooking taste better …. anyways enough of that … next Question! and where my Danish?!!?

Was there ever a time you accidentally made eye contact during filming?
YES! when my co-star would bend over … holy crap man! I had to leave the set for a few cayse .. you could see what was going on under my suit. alot of the time it was when they called my name and i’d look directly at them lol. That ruined the whole take .. but i was getting paid a lot of buck .. so it was ok!

What attracted to you to the role of Daredevil?
well, for one. the money i was gonna make. two… I had a fine ass co-star 3. the script was cool and i can show off my package in a tight costume. and look cool and grab boobies because im blind! heheh yea thats why.

So is the movie targeted at both kids and adults?
Sure.. Lots of violence like in cartoons today and lots of ass for the adults. so yea it’s for both kids and adults.

How is Daredevil different from other superheroes?
Because he’s blind duh! and he can kick ass blind too! The only same thing is that, something major happens to them to become a super hero, but .. yea the blind thing and he does really cool stunts.

Would you wear the costume around the house?
Hell yea! that thing is awesome . Does wonders for you in the package area. no matter how big you are! and i sometimes go shopping in that thing .. i get stared at a lot .. i don’t know why though. like they have never seen a man in a tight suit before Jeeeebus!

So what’s your take on a “Daredevil” sequel?
Hmmm … i think it’s not gonna be as good as this one .. i mean come one … im perfection! You can’t reproduce my work for a sequel , but yea .. i wouldn’t mind doing one if thats what you are asking :-)

Is your wedding on the 14th?
no it’s on the 24th and i hope to see you there with condoms and and some wine !

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