The Toasters (Bucket)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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Where did the name the toasters come from?
toasters derives from original jamaican dj style and not from the kitchen appliance. the double-entendre is that of lifting your glass in a toast, which we like to do a lot….

What was your best and worst show?
best show collectively was the whole of the skavoovie tour in ’93..worst was probably playing for an ad agency in milwaukee. bunch of stiffs.

Would you rather have fruit loops or wheaties?
don’t eat cereal

If you could be a candy bar what would you be?
got to be snickers bar

Why did you want to be in a band and are you enjoying it?
i don’t know. partially because we’re all crazy. certainly ain’t for the money, specially not in the early days. i suppose it’s because we all love it.

Who are you and the other members of the band? and nicknames?
i’m bucket, larry is ace, ruby is ruby, buford is sully, jeff is the human pokemon, sledge is sledge

Do you have a new album in the works? if so when will it come out?
next album? good question. i suppose it will come out when we find a home for it. it will be called enemy of the system

Was it hard saying bye to moonska?
yes, moon. like losing a family member. but it was time for it to go. shame that a lot of the hecklers can’t see what a good thing it was and how much it did for the scene. probably never be anything like it again. it was a hell of a ride. 18 years of fightinhg people to get paid hahahaha

Who are the bands musical influences?
influences? too many to mention but definiotely all those great uk blues guitarists like beck, clapton, mick greene etc as well as motown and the beatles. selecter was my favourite 2-tone band

Name the bands you hate?
bands i hate hahahaha…how much space do you have? but it has to go to groups like n’sync for trivializing it so much

What cd’s are in your cd player right now
cd player has 200 cds in it of those but i just bought charles aznavour, the cheftains, eddie cochrane country collection, best of david bowie and some african stuff

Do you have a favorite venue?
favourite venue is the metro in chicago

Did you have a role model as a kid?
when i was a kid i wanted to be james bond

What else would you like to add which i have left out?
i’d say thanx a lot and it’s good to know you’re all out there. i’m amazed at how far we have been able to go with the toasters, especially since the muzak biz has no idea what the hell we’re doing. funny really

Who’s hotter anna nicole smith or pamela anderson?
who is anna nicole smith?