U.S Bombs (Duane)

Interviews | Feb 24th, 2005

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How do you think the genre of street punk has evolved over the years?
Actually the real street punk that’s real is great! There’s lots of pure shit also!

Do you own Disaster Records? If so…….. What in your part in the label?
Half owner, my partner is Patrick from bomp/alive /total energy, …to create!

I know you guys are all some pretty sick skaters! What kind of boards do you have and what are the worst injuries you’ve gotten due to skating?
Beer city D.P. arthritis!

Why do you think boy bands such as Blink 182, N’Sync, and The Backstreet Boys have become so popular?
Probably because they’re all very threatening!

When you guys appear at the warped tour……. what can you be found doing after all the fans leave and you are left with just the bands?
Loading out!

I know the US. Bombs have an upcoming release coming out…… what’s the name of the album and what can I expect from it. Will it prove to the kids of the punk rock scene that street punk is still alive and well?
Back at the Laundromat, its our brand of punk rock, not trying to prove shit!

I know one of the US. Bombs hobbies, is drinking beer. Do you have any favorite ales? What’s the difference between them and the rest of the beer world?
We switched to coffee! Lots of coffee!

Who are the members of the band………. where are you from……. and what does each member play?
Duane, Kerry, Wade, Chip and Nate.

What do you think about the fad of 2000…. SCOOTERS? Did you run out and get one like everyone else?
No, didn’t notice!

I would love to see you run for president Duane? If you had the chance would you and who would be your choice for vice president?
Yes! A bum off the street!

If you could choose a candy bar that expresses your personality what would you choose and why?
Can’t eat candy! No teeth!

What’s the state or country you hate going to on tour the most…. and why?
The moon! Hard to breath!

I need some assistance in preventing MTV from taking over the world! What are the US. Bombs going to do to help me achieve that goal?
Don’t watch it!

Are there any goals as a band you have yet to achieve? If so…. what are they?
To stay together!

Lastly…… who would you get it on with…… Britney Spears or Carmen Elektra and why?
Neither! They’re all disco!