Interviews | Nov 30th, 1998

Has Waffle House sued you yet? I’d imagine they’re pretty punk rock and have given you their blessing.
Nope, not yet. They haven’t figured it out, although the same can’t be said of Waffle House patrons. We get countless emails from people thinking we’re the restaurant.

How do you respond to the negative comments directed at you by the punk band Denny’s?
Why are they talking bad about us? We haven’t done anything to them. But seriously, people can say what they want. we don’t really pay attention. We’re doing our thing no matter what.

I have said once that your music is like hash browns – scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, topped, diced and peppered. What do you suppose I was talking about?
I would imagine you were referring to the fact that we draw from a very wide range of musical influences. Also, that we take these influences to create our own original sound. That at many times in any given song there are upwards of six or seven different things going on at once. We’re not afraid to let loose and try new ideas.

Actually, I was just hungry. Speaking of which, are you a bacon guy or sausage guy? You can tell a lot about someone by their breakfast meats…
I don’t understand how this is relevant to our music.

How does your music help the war on terrorism?
It doesn’t really. we’re just a band. If someone chooses to find some comfort in our music, then that’s the best we could ask for. I am not really suited to answer this. We’re not a political band. We all have our own beliefs and I can’t speak for everyone else. So I think I will leave it at that.

If your album doesn’t do well, will you be working at Waffle House?
Nah. All of us have jobs that we work when we’re home. I love my job and besides, there aren’t any Waffle House’s in Michigan and I’m not moving.

Check out Wafflehouse’s Olympia on Forge Again Records.