Audio: Slightly Stoopid – “The Prophet”

Media | Jun 3rd, 2015

Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid will release their highly-anticipated full-length album Meanwhile… Back at the Lab on June 30th through Stoopid Records. The band premiered their new single called “The Prophet.” Catchy tune and definitely perfect for the Summer time.

“The Prophet”, written by the band’s co-frontman/bassist/guitarist Miles Doughty when he was 16 years old, initially started as an early collaboration with the late Bradley Nowell of Sublime, while the group was signed to his Skunk Records. Nowell than recorded an early version of the song called “Ain’t No Prophet” which was released on Sublime’s posthumous Everything Under The Sun rarities box set. The composition came full circle for Slightly Stoopid during their Meanwhile…Back At The Lab studio sessions and will be released on the forthcoming LP.

“Remembering first jamming this song with Brad in my living room, and now working with Field Marshall “Ras MG” (Marshall Goodman) to bring the song to where it is today… its really just a story of life and what you make of it. I think Brad would be proud to hear the evolution of the song” -Miles Doughty

Meanwhile…Back at the Lab is the next evolution for the San Diego-based group lauded for their cross-genre blend of rock, reggae, folk, blues, hip-hop, punk and funk. The title and album cover reference the band’s San Diego warehouse studio (The Lab at Stoopid Studios), where they have been working on numerous creative and collaborative projects.


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