Music Video: Midnight Mantics – “Mixtape”

Media | Sep 4th, 2015

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I don’t know about you but I’m loving all this ’80s sounding bands coming out lately. Midnight Mantics’ Mixtape Vol. 1 is out today and it sounds like it could be placed in a John Hughes movie! Their track “Mixtape” was made into a music video towards the end of August and it’s even got that 80s retro look. I dig this, maybe you will too.

There’s a new sound coming from the south harkening back to the era of the original wayfarers with the MidnightMantics, a Nashville-based synth-pop duo of writer/vocalist Adam McCants and producer/multi-instrumentalist Stracy Hogan. The debut Mixtape Vol 1 (out TODAY through Tone Tree Distribution) is an undeniable nod to the 80s mixed with the ambient vibes of chillwave.
The first single “City of Dreamers” was a Fresh New Track pick and a Daily Discovery this summer. And the video premiered on BaebleMusic with a “Baeble Next” feature that gushed, “effervescing with retro synthesizers and booming drum pads, colliding for a sound so 80s, its deceivingly contemporary.”

In August, Culture Collide premiered the John Hughes-esque Mixtape video. “Synth-driven progressions and pulsating feel-good pop score our hero’s endeavors as we follow his journey through the short romantic comedy.”

Mixtape Vol. 1, drops TODAY (September 4, 2015). Life moves pretty fast, don’t miss this!


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