ReadJunk’s Random Halloween Playlist

Playlists | Oct 29th, 2009

ReadJunk’s Random Halloween Playlist

It’s almost Halloween and I’m sure some of you are looking for some music to load onto your mp3 player. Can’t find the right songs for your ultimate Halloween playlist for your party? Well don’t worry wannabe DJs; I compiled a list of songs for you to check out and to maybe consider using for your Halloween playlist this year. I’m not saying these songs are the best songs for Halloween or even have anything to do with Halloween; but they could work! Read the list below:

Here’s the Halloween playlist:

1. The Misfits – “Halloween”
“Halloween” is the most obvious choice in the collection. The Misfits will be represented a few times on here. Definitely one of the best Halloween bands.

2. Michael Jackson – “Thriller”
Even if you don’t like Michael Jackson, Thriller is a must have for any Halloween playlist. This video still scares the crap out of me!

3. Walt Disney – “Grim Grinning Ghosts”
The organ playing in this song still gives me goosebumps. Who doesn’t love the Haunted Mansion? Simply a classic!

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas – “This is Halloween”
“This is Halloween” is probably the best song in this Tim Burton movie

5. Rockwell – “Somebody’s Watching Me”
Before the song was ruined by those fucking awful Geico commercials, this was my favorite 80’s song. Another video that scared me as a kid for some reason

6. The Toasters – “Frankenska”
This could be used as a great intro to the playlist.

7. Ministry – “Everyday is Halloween”
The Goths must love this song.

8. Dead Kennedys – “Halloween”
The anti-Halloween song.

9. Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters”
I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Ok, how about being a one hit wonder Ray?

10. Alice Cooper – “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)”
The song from the Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives soundtrack. Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite Alice Cooper songs. “As he crawls”

11. The Ramones – “Pet Cemetery”
I don’t want to be buried, in a pet cemetery!

12. Mephiskapheles – “Mephiskapheles”
Mephiskapheles were the ultimate Halloween ska band. Every year they would play Halloween shows, and fittingly so! D-O-G-G-O-D!

13. A Clockwork Orange – “Title Music from…”
Not really a Halloween movie per say but the music is creepy enough. And besides, the music was composed by a transgender…can’t get creepier than that!

14. Ozzy Osbourne – “Bark at the Moon”
I remember watching this video during Headbanger’s Ball and got scared by it. Hey, Ozzy’s pretty freakin’ scary!

15. Iron Maiden – “The Number of the Beast”
“…for the devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows the time is short. 6..6..6!! The Number of the Beast!!!

16. Metallica – “For Whom the Bell Tolls”
For Whom the Bell Tolls was used brilliantly in this year’s Zombieland, so why not use it for your playlist!

17. Gwar – “Horror of Yig”
You really could pick any Gwar song for a Halloween playlist, but I always like “Horror of Yig.”

18. The Misfits – “Astro Zombies”
One of my favorite Misfits songs.

19. Rob Zombie – “House Of 1000 Corpses”
This is the title track to his movie of the same name. Any Rob Zombie songs would be fitting for the playlist.

20. Groovie Ghoulies – “She’s my Vampire Girl”
Vampires are all the rage these days with the kids. This Groovie Ghoulies song would be perfect to play for Halloween.

21. INXS – “Devil Inside”
It’s got Devil in the title, so it works!

22. Tom Waits – “God’s Away on Business”
Not necessarily a Halloween song but Waits’ sings it so sinisterly. I can’t think of anyone scarier than Lawyers?!

23. Amazing Royal Crowns – “Do the Devil”
Rhode Island rockabilly band Amazing “Royal” Crowns deliver this rockin’ ditty about doing the devil.

24. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – “Nightmare on My Street”
The Fresh Prince and Jazz rap it up with Freddie Krueger. Can you get any cheesy? Poor Jazz bought it at the end of the song.

25. Bad Manners – “Monster Mash”
Speaking of hokey, the original “Monster Mash” is pretty lame. But at least if a band like Bad Manners covers it, then it’s okay!

26. Tiger Army – “Nocturnal”
Misfits inspired pyschobilly band Tiger Army has plenty of scary tunes. “Nocturnal” has always been a favorite.

27. The Pogues – “Turkish Song of the Damned”
The song has dead sailors, hauntings, and being dragged down to hell. Gotta love the Pogues!

28. The Misfits – “Ghoul’s Night Out”
I told you there was going to be a lot of Misfits songs on this list! “Night of the Living Dead,” “Last Caress,” “Die Die My Darling” are some others you can put on the list as well.

29. Oingo Boingo – “Dead Man’s Party”
“Dead Man’s Party” will get your party rockin’ like Thornton Melon’s parties in no time!

30. Squirrel Nut Zippers – “Hell”
One hit wonders Squirrel Nut Zippers broke out with this song “Hell.” Might be cool to include on the playlist? At least you’re showcasing your musical tastes with different styles right?

31. The Cure – “A Forest”
I’m trying to think of a good Cure song for the list, this is the only one that comes to mind so far. Is there anything better?

32. Ozzy Osbourne – “Bloodbath in Paradise”
The song is about Charlie Manson and the Sharon Tate murders. The song is still great to play at a party though.

33. Sgt. Scagnetti – “Necromance”
Who doesn’t love having sex with dead bodies?! Show of hands?

34. The Aquabats – “Fashion Zombies”
This song is poking fun of Goths and wimp screamo kids. Aquabats rock!

35. Plan 9 – “ManMade Monster”
This Misfits-inspired horror punk band is great for Halloween!

36. Twisted Sister – “Burn in Hell”
Besides getting their video ruined by Pee Wee Herman, this song is badass!

37. The Specials – “Ghost Town”
Ok, so it’s not anything scary or Halloween related…but still, it’s got Ghost in the title!

38. Fred Schneider – “Monster”
There are many things in life that scare me, and one of them is Fred Schneider’s “Monster.”

39. Reel Big Fish – “Skatanic”
Sung in a “scary” way, but the song is about a stalker ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend?). Hey, that can be scary!

40. Slayer – “Spirit in Black”
Can’t have a Halloween list without a song from Slayer!

41. Peter & The Test Tube Babies – “Zombie Creeping Flesh”
Zombies scare the shit out of me

42. Blue Oyster Cult – “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
Cowbells are frightening.

43. Jack Marshall – “The Munster’s Theme”
I always liked the Munsters theme song better than The Addam’s Family theme song.

44. Mc Hammer – “Addams Groove”
…Which brings me to this song sung by MC Hammer for the Addams Family movie. “They do what they wanna do, say what they wanna say….”

45. Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “Devils Night Out”
Who knew the Devil was a hardcore drinker?

46. Slackers – “The Mummy”
This song isn’t about a mom in England.

47. Screeching Weasel – “Zombie”
There seriously needs to be a compilation just of zombie related songs!

48. Planet Smashers – “My Love (Vampire)”
Another song about someone’s girlfriend being a vampire, maybe they really do exist?

49. Village People – “Macho Man”
The band dresses up even when it’s not Halloween…now that’s dedication!

50. The Doors – “The End”
This is the end my friend

Want a more comprehensive list? Head over to for over 300 ska/reggae Halloween theme songs:

See something not on the list? Post your songs in the comments!


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