Video: Brendan Kelly in short film “The Spirit Of Transparency”

Media | Mar 16th, 2012

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Brendan Kelly is releasing a new album called “I’d Rather Die Than Live Forever,” which is out March 27th on Red Scare Industries. In the meantime, you can watch Brendan star in a funny short film called “The Spirit Of Transparency.” It’s sort of NSFW but not really. Just watch it after the break!

Brendan Kelly posted this about the video:

This is a little something Nick and I have been working on. It’s kind of a small companion to the new Wandering Birds record. The title of this is either “The Spirit Of Transparency” or “the Betrothed” depending on if you trust the top of the Vimeo page or the title in the actual video. Whatever. We can’t be expected to synchronize every little thing. Enjoy, fuckers.
[Bad Sandwich Chronicles]


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