The Lawrence Arms signs with Epitaph Records

Music News | Nov 4th, 2013

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The Lawrence Arms have signed with Epitaph Records, who were originally signed with Fat Wreck Chords. What’s surprising is Epitaph actually signed a punk band for a change. The band last released An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance DVD on Fat Wreck Chords back in 2012 and Chris & Neil’s Sundowner album in September. No idea when the new album is coming out.

Brendan Kelly posted the news, in his usual manner, at his site:

We’re super excited to announce that the Lawrence Arms have signed to Epitaph. We went and visited them in LA, we had some laughs and some grilled cheeses. We talked to Brett underneath the original painting of the Against the Grain cover (awesome!) and we thought that, shit, what better way to come back from a long break than on the label that put out most of the records that got us into punk rock in the first place? You know what? That’s all true, but sheesh…why do we even need to explain this to anyone? It used to be, a band just made a move and people were left to whisper about what happened, why, how it’ll change shit etc. like a bunch of hens at their punk rock fences, but now…now I have to make some kind of statement that has to preemptively answer questions that I think you MAY ask…who cares?
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