John Cusack and Rob Corddry starring in Hot Tub Time Machine

Movie News | Feb 24th, 2009

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Besides having a great title for a movie, it will also bolster a great cast. John Cusack and Rob Corddry are set to star, along with Craig Robinson, and Sex Drive’s Clark Duke. Steve Pink will be directing the comedy.

Hot Tub Time Machine is about what the title is, a group of adult friends who get sent back in time by going in a Ski Lodge hot tub. They go back in time to when they had “game.” John Cusack in a R-rated raunchy sex comedy? And not a romantic comedy? Well hot damn, I’ll definitely be seeing this one! Maybe he’s going back to his Better Off Dead roots?

[…]Production starts April 20 in Vancouver. Cusack and New Crime partner Grace Loh will produce with Matt Moore.

Scripted by Josh Heald, the comedy follows a group of friends who are frustrated when they return to a ski lodge where they partied as teens. They then get in a hot tub — which happens to be a time machine — and get transported to 1987.


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