A-F Records release free sampler

Music News | Oct 16th, 2014

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A-F Records has teamed up with Commonwealth Press, Pittsburgh’s own DIY fueled screen printing operation and is offering up a free compilation CD that celebrates the collaborative spirit of the punk community. In order to get the free comp, you have to order something from the A-F Records online store. The free compilation will also be available at their merch table this year at FEST 13 in Gaineville, FL.

Curated by A-F Records, the comp contains songs, many of which are previously unreleased, from bands on their roster (WORSHIP THIS!, ANTI-FLAG, WHITE WIVES, WORLDS SCARIEST POLICE CHASES, THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR, + MORE) as well as from other amazing bands from the region (THE PUBLIC, LATECOMER, BARONS, ONE IF BY LAND, EDHOCHULI, RESERVOIR, + MORE)

“I wanted to do something in the spirit of the “punk-o-rama” and “fat music for…” comps that originally got me into some of my favorite bands. Like hearing Hi-Standard for the first time on that Cinema Beer Nuts comp, that was an awesome day. So I picked a bunch of awesome songs from awesome bands for this comp.” – Chris Stowe // A-F Records Label Manager

The artwork was designed and screen printed by Commonwealth Press, a pillar of the local Pittsburgh punk community in its own right.

“Commonwealth Press has a long relationship of working with A-F Records and, when the opportunity came along to get involved with the comp they were working on, we jumped at it. Getting to design and hand screen print the covers seemed like such an awesome way to add a cool touch to such a rad collection of songs!” – Dan Rock // CWP // WSPC


1. Worship This! – Jen, With 2 N’s
2. Worlds Scariest Police Chases – Fuck You Dad
3. Anti-Flag – Broken Bones (LIVE)
4. The Public – Liquor Store
5. Chris Stowe – I Just Miss Her When I’m Drinking
6. All Dinosaurs – What About Elvis
7. Latecomer – That’s Ok
8. Roger Harvey – City Deer (7-inch version)
9. Atrocity Solution – Withering Away
10. Endless Mike And The Beagle Club – Road To Unmasking
11. Mace Ballard – Calibrations
12. The Homeless Gospel Choir – Untitled
13. Fake Grave – Wilt
14. Allies – Rain Parade
15. Barons – Midwest
16. One If By Land – In The Shade
17. Reservoir – Gardens
18. Edhochuli – Sir, I’ve Been Observing You For Five Minutes And You Have Yet To Say Whoo Once.
19. White Wives – Yours


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